Wiring Demo and Planning

When we first looked at Alice, one of the things we made sure to do what test all the wiring.  We were quite excited to find out that everything worked.  Every outlet, light and sensor worked great, which is pretty impressive for a 30+ year old trailer.

That initial test led us to plan on leaving the wiring as is and do our renovation around it.  But after taking off the inside skins our plans changed.


What we thought was impressive that everything worked, turned into being impressed the whole Airstream hadn’t burned down yet.

Between the extensive water damage, the fact that there was a small army of mice that chewed through most of the wiring to make homes in the walls, and the moldy insulation covering every inch of stripped wire, we made the decision to scrap it all and start from scratch.  With all the inside skins off, we would never have better access than we do now.

IMG_9342Once that decision was made, the first thing I did was take inventory.  If it ran off of electricity, it got written down; every light, outlet, switch, sensor, and appliance.  After satisfying myself that I understood how it all was originally put together, I took it all out.

Starred Photos133

IMG_9359We had been fighting around these wires for months as we scrapped, cleaned and re-caulked the inside skin, so it was pretty exciting to finally get them all out of the way.


It is amazing the difference it made to get rid of those wires. Alice looks so much cleaner now and we are almost to our blank slate.


Next, we just need to finish up waterproofing (including around the doors and windows), do another water test and then we are ready to remove the rotted out subfloor!

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