Weekend Warriors

Last weekend we moved all the rock from one side of our house to a garden bed in the front of our house in an effort to clear the way for a parking pad. It was a lot of work but with the kids helping we got it done and the kids got some exercise so it was a win win. After all the rock was moved I dug up my hastas and put them in their temporary homes in giant lawn bags and cardboard boxes.

IMG_20140814_094820 IMG_20140814_094815

On Monday the asphalt company will start tearing up our yard and I can’t wait. Not only does it mean that we will be one step closer to parking Alice (Our Airstream has a name) in the driveway, it will also means a couple of days of heavy equipment in our yard. Anyone with little kiddos knows that watching heavy equipment = hours of fun and easy entertainment for the kids. Lucky for us they are only working on one half of the yard so I plan on setting up camp on the other half of the yard and letting the kids enjoy the chaos from a relatively safe distance while I sip on iced tea and Pin textile choices for Alice.

This weekend we finish up all the projects we can around the house so when the parking pad is done, we can focus on the Airstream Alice.


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