Water Testing Alice

After scraping away all the old caulk, and then applying Vulkem 116 to every Olympic Rivet inside Alice to make her water tight, it was finally time to water test.


Correction. We hadn’t completely finished covering all the Olympic Rivets in Vulkem yet, but the weather was warm and we don’t have too many warm days left this year in MN so we took advantage of it and started water testing.


Patrick was kind enough to volunteer to be in charge of the hose.


We put together a video of the what we have done so far inside Alice for water proofing. Sometimes video does a better job than photos and text at explaining everything.

After Patrick lost interest in hosing down Alice, Elise took over.

Starred Photos132

By the end of the day we had a really good idea of where we needed to do more sealing, and much to our relief, the water testing proved that we are on the right track and that our choice of Vulkem 116, was the right choice.


One thought on “Water Testing Alice

  1. Mark

    I’m beginning this process right now. I have watched your videos. From your descriptions it seems that you re-caulked all of the seams and around windows, but I don’t see that in the pictures/video. Did you do that? How? Thanks!


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