Today we bought an Airstream

I am overwhelmed, excited, nervous and filled with energy. Sometimes the craziest ideas are the right ideas and when something is right you go for it.

That impulsive and “go for it” mindset is what made for the craziest 96 hours that we have had in a very long time. On Wednesday I emailed Tim a link with a note that said very eloquently, “THIS ONE!!!!!”

That link lead to an Airstream which was in our price range, in fairly good condition, had the bathroom on the side instead of the back (more on why we wanted that later), it was within the size range we were looking for,  and the real kicker-it was only 52 miles away. I got the green light from Tim to call the contact number for the Airstream and that is when everything kicked into high gear.

Al was my contact and the owner and he wanted us to drive out that night to look at his Airstream.  I pushed the meeting back a day in order to give Tim and I some more time to research what to look for in a vintage Airstream.

Thursday night we met Al at a corner gas station with a giant chicken and followed him out to where the Airstream was parked. The kids fell in love with the Airstream and the idea of camping. Tim was pleasantly surprised at the state of the Airstream and was becoming even more excited that we had “found our Airstream.” I became really overwhelmed and nervous. On my best weeks I can barely keep up with the laundry, get the bathrooms cleaned up enough so no one calls the CDC and keep the kids from hurting each other to the point of an ER visit. Our dream was suddenly becoming an overwhelming and anxiety inducing burden. It was a lot to take in and all I could manage was to keep the kids from jumping off the sofa bed in the Airstream in a canon ball style on to the old grungy carpet.  I took a few deep breaths and snapped as many photos as I could while policing the kids.

Tim and I had a quiet moment at the rear of the Airstream where we both checked in with each other’s opinions. Tim’s excitement was infectious and because the Airstream remarkably fit all our requirements we both agreed, this was it. This was our Airstream. Tim handed over $100 in cash to Al as a gesture of good faith and told him that we would be back this weekend to pick up the Airstream.

I spent all day Friday calling truck dealerships in search of the best price I could get on a truck and who would give us the most for Tim’s Corolla as a trade in.

My sister came over that night to watch the kids for us and Tim and I took off on a hunt for a truck that would pull our Airstream. We found a truck we liked and matched our criteria, haggled with the dealership and drove home in a new truck that night.

Saturday morning we bought a ball and hitch and hit the bank to get cash. By 3pm we were hitching our new Airstream up to our new truck. It has been a whirlwind but one thing that I can say for certain; when we went back to pick her up today I fell in love with our Airstream. She is beautiful. Al took fantastic care of her and she is giant soda can bursting with potential. Nothing has felt this exciting in a very long time and nothing has felt more right than sitting in the passenger seat of our new truck, looking in the side mirror and seeing our Airstream following us down Al’s dirt road. We bought an Airstream! I want to post more about all this later but today I just wanted to write a post while I am still in this current state of overwhelming anxiety and excitement. I want to be able to look back on how this journey was started is such a crazy way.

2 thoughts on “Today we bought an Airstream

  1. Jess Curren

    I love reading this!! We bought our Airstream almost exactly a year ago and I still get all sorts of excited at easily everything fell into place! It was just meant to be!

    1. Meg Shannon

      Both my husband and I have been reading you blog ever since we bought the Airstream. Many converstions have started with “Currently Wandering did…..” 😉


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