Timing and Lack of Time

Airstream Alice is sitting just a few feet away from our house, but the reality of our life with three kids, Tim working full time, laundry that needs to be done, homework that has to be finished, a house that is crying for a good cleaning, a dog and a mean and mischievous cat, is that we still haven’t began work on Alice.

This makes me sad.

And now that it is winter and because we live in Minnesota, there is the cold and snow factor. Not only does the snow and cold make it harder to be motivated to get to work, it also makes some of our remodelling impossible. Maybe not impossible, but not wise. It is cold out so we can’t be messing around with materials that are temperature sensitive during install.

That said, we can pull out carpet and get demo done in the cold, but even that hasn’t been started yet. We have managed to keep her from being buried in snow, so that is a win.

Digging Out Alice

Now that we are in the Holiday swing of things it is even harder to set time aside. It seems like every free minute we have from work, school or chores is spent on Holiday preparations. This past weekend I had all of Saturday afternoon set aside to get our Christmas Card done. Saturday morning all I was thinking was, “All I need was one semi good photo of our family and I know I will be lucky if I can get that shot within that time frame.” I got lucky. I even got a few photos to choose from. Taking a photos of three young kids is tough!


I am feeling defeated when it comes to Alice but I think I need to just let it go and focus on the Holidays. I am tired of just “getting through” the Holidays. This year Tim and I made a pact that we will focus on the Holiday Season and not just the one day of presents. We are going to make the most of the season and make sure that the kids know that this time of year is about family, kindness, giving and fun. And caramel puff corn. Tim would want that to be stated in writing that this time of year is also about caramel puff corn… and egg nog.

I am giving myself a pass on all Alice cleaning and demo to-dos for December. This month is about sledding with Elise and watching the boys learn to snowboard. This month is about baking cookies and drinking egg nog. This month is about reading as many Christmas stories to the kids as they will listen to. This month is about enjoying each other. Next month is about getting stuff done.

The last month of 2014 is all about us.


2015 is the year of Alice.




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