Tim vs. Antenna Round III

We have failed twice before at demoing the antenna, and today we were committed to defeating the antenna at all costs. The first round of Tim vs. Antenna was a half-assed attempt to take it down at the end of a long day of demo. When we were met with resistance, we quickly decided to leave it for another day.

The second round of Tim vs. Antenna was much more frustrating and just as unproductive.

This time around, we were fully prepared. We had read up on our Skyliner Antenna and even found schematics of the antenna online. I even did a shout-out for help, advise, tips and sympathy on Instagram.

Tim made sure the batteries were charged on our new Ryobi reciprocating saw.

We were prepared and pumped. Today we would win.


And we did!

And the just after I stopped recording Tim exclaimed, “It is so awesome to have good tools!”

I still can’t believe that after 2 different attempts, we finally got that stupid antenna handle and bolt demoed.

Starred Photos98After admiring our wonder-saw and agreeing, “Well, shit! We should have been using this all along while demoing!”  Tim climbed up on the hot tin roof to remove the rest of the antenna.

IMG_1097Again, the antenna was thwarting our efforts. It would not come off. This time Tim didn’t hesitate, he asked and I handed him up the saw.

IMG_1103And that, my friends, is when we declared ourselves victorious.

IMG_1121Yes we spent a big chunk of change upgrading our tools a few weeks back but man is it worth it. We had no idea what would happen when Tim started sawing. We were expecting lots sparks and metal shrapnel. We were even taking bets on which concerned neighbor would come over to check on us first! None of that happened. It was just a clean cut straight through the bolt that had been standing between us and progress!

Sure, there is still some of the antenna plate up on the roof but at this point we are leaving it there because it is sealing the summer MN weather out of the interior of Alice. We demoed the antenna to the point of being able to take out the ceiling interior skin and that was the goal all along.

I will share photos and even a video of us removing the interior ceiling skin next post. Until then, lift your glass and celebrate with us! To progress!

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