The time the TV antenna halted all progress

We are so so close to getting the ceiling panel down and making some real headway on demoing the inner skin. All the components are demoed, the wires are labelled and even most of the rivets are removed.

IMG_0163We had to get the top layer of bathroom wall panels down before we were able to take down the ceiling because they were overlapping. That meant all bathroom switches needed to be demoed. Remove, tape, label repeat. Over and over.

Note: I am proud to say that so far only one set of wires has been labelled with a guess and a question mark. This is the one. Anyone know what it could be?!

IMG_0180Today marks the end of the beige on beige palm tree. Never again will that beige palm tree print be back in Alice.

IMG_0205And then there were the rivets. Just when you think you are done with a panel, you realize there is a whole ‘nother row to go! It really isn’t too bad, just very time-consuming and tedious. Whenever I feel like giving up, I just think about the major pipes I will have after holding the drill over my head for forever. Welcome to the gun show! #sponseredbyrivetdemo

I stand corrected. Almost all the components have been removed from the ceiling. All that is left holding up the ceiling skin is the TV antenna and a few rivets. The antenna will not  come down!

The single hex screw holding it all together is rusted and stripped.

Tim has tried removing it from the roof.


Nothing. It will not budge.

There is one long bolt connected to the TV antenna that goes through the ceiling of Alice and the hex screw locks the metal handle to it.

We may have encountered our first bit of demo that requires our new Ryobi reciprocating saw!

We spent almost all our work time trying to remove that stupid antenna.

Lucy was so confused as to why Dad was on the roof of the giant metal thing. She watched from behind the fence with curiosity, suspicion and concern.

IMG_0138The kids didn’t care so much about what was going on with Alice because their Aunt stopped by for the day and played with them while we worked.  That AND the biggest day of the year was happening: SETTING UP THE POOL DAY! The pool water was hose-water-cold so they warmed themselves up by swinging on the rope until they were able to feel their toes again, and as soon as they could feel their extremities and their lips softened to a slightly less purple color, they ran back into the pool.

Starred Photos91All in all it was a fun weekend for them and a not so productive weekend for us. This coming weekend we will conquer that damn TV antenna and take down the ceiling skin… hopefully more than just the one ceiling panel but after last weekend I am cautious to be optimistic.

Between now and then, I will try to make sense of this .pdf I found online. Don’t you just love the internet? Seriously. An antenna assembly instruction booklet was the first hit on my Google Search “skyliner antenna removal” and right after that was the Airforums which is the Bible when it comes to Airstream renovations.



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