The time the shell almost fell off of Alice.

Someday we will be drinking a beer around a campfire at a National Park and I will say to Tim, “Remember that time you pulled the subfloor out from the C-channel area under the door to Alice?”

And Tim will reply, “And the entire shell shifted about 2 inches and I thought it was going to fall and crash on your head while you took a dozen photos?”

Then in unison, as if it was scripted we will pronounce, “Good thing it didn’t fall!”

We will smile, look back at Alice where the kids will be peacefully sleeping after a full day of hiking and diligently earning Jr. Ranger badges, and we take a swig of beer and sigh and declare, “It was all worth it”

So this is what happened.

Tim removed the remaining hunk of subfloor under the door in the same method he has been using. And when the subfloor was freed, we saw the shell shift… a lot! We panicked. Tim made me get out of the interior and we immediately started Googling and AirForums-ing.

Even though Tim usually likes to research before asking the Airstream Community for help, we both agreed that, in this case, time was of the essence. We wanted to say a big THANK YOU! to all our friends on Instagram who helped us out.

Our solution to what we thought was a potentially HUGE problem was to grab bolts or screws from the garage, any that would fit and line up the holes by force-ably pushing the shell from the outside back the two inches it had slid, and sticking the temporary bolts in.


Truly, that is all we did and it has been weeks and everything is still in place. It is a simple fix to a moment of panic. We went around and added bolts to all the places where the shells connected to the steel frame.

Again, thank you to all those who reassured us that this was normal. The Airstream Community rocks!

Nothing is better when there is a free and easy fix to a potential big problem. It is days like this day where we really enjoy Airstream Renovation. It is good to have a win every now and again.


4 thoughts on “The time the shell almost fell off of Alice.

  1. Cody

    Great blog! I’ve seen in some videos where people support the shell by tying in some 2x4s above and across the shell then jack up from the middle to raise the shell. Obviously you didn’t do this. How do you get the subfloor back under the shell? Im asking because I’m one day (basically 1 demo day 😳) in to replacing the flooring on our ’73 31ft Sovereign. I’m attempting to do frame repair and flooring replacement piece by piece due to limited workspace. Starting in the front I’m about to cut out the flooring but I’m worried that I’ll need to support the shell so it doesn’t say or fall.

    1. Tim

      We’ve got spacers in the c-channel now, but I expect that we’ll need to jack up the frame exactly like you said to get the new subfloor in. We’ve seen others do the same with great success.


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