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Front Sideboard and Carpet Demo Plus Fridge Problems

We started off work with the plan of finishing the demo on the driver’s side (for lack of better terms) of Alice. We really thought we would be able to get it done pretty quickly. Famous. Last. Words. Tim quickly pulled out the rest of the nasty blue carpet (except for the carpet in the […]

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Empty Bedroom

Before a dark smelly room that I didn’t like to enter for fear of mice. Here is the room with the curtains removed, ever so slightly less smelly but drastically brighter. And here she is demoed down to the interior skin. She is brighter. She smells much better. She is larger than we thought. She […]

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Removing Rivets and Bedroom Demo

Alternate title: Nothing but skin in the bedroom! Removing Rivets and Bedroom Demo  seemed like a safer Google Searchable title than the alternative. Someone would be either very surprised or slightly disappointed when our blog showed up after searching the later of the two titles. Anyways… After more cleaning, ridding Alice of the last of […]

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