Subfloor near door

We started our day of work where we left off yesterday. I continued removing screws in the middle of the subfloor and Tim worked on removing bolt, screws and subfloor from the C-channel.


Patrick stopped swimming long enough to check on our progress.


Once we finished the kitchen section, we moved on to the subfloor in front of the door… because really at this point we have owned Alice for 2 years and we are still doing demo. No more swimming on the weekends, it is go time!


Like previous sections, Tim cut along the edge of the C-channel about 5 inches out.


Then he cut down the middle and started hauling out rotted subfloor. This subfloor was some of the nastiest.





And then he found a mouse so I decided it was time to take a photo of Alice from the rear.


When Tim gave me the all clear, I snapped a couple more pics of the pink insulation removal.

Starred Photos157

And we called it a day feeling hopeful that the next time we were able to work, we would finish the subfloor demo completely!

2 thoughts on “Subfloor near door

  1. Arrow Amelia

    Hey there!
    So my partner and I are about to gut our airstream – happens to be the same model as Alice. I’m curious about the mishap you encountered when taking out the subfloor, and the shell shifted. What do you think caused that, and what do you think we should do or not do to avoid that? Have you finished her yet?


    1. Meg Post author

      We have not finished. Life has been crazy and winter in Minnesota meant that the project was put on hold for months. Follow us on Instagram for the most up to date progress. I promise I will be better about updating this blog.. stay tuned. 🙂


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