Subfloor End Cap Curve

This is how we kept the subfloor end cap curve intact. Well, mostly intact. Our goal was to preserve the curve so we could use it as a template.


In just the small area of subfloor removal we had done so far we had yet to find a really great way to get the floors out.

Tim tried by hand… that didn’t work.

16 - 82

On one really tight chunck of subfloor we tried drilling two hole into the subfloor, threading a dog tie through the holes and then Tim did a sort of horizontal dead lift.

16 - 75

This method worked but it wasn’t necessarily the safest and we had a hard time imagining that this is what other Airstreamers were doing so we tried to imagine another way…

16 - 64

I really wanted to be able to keep the full section of subfloor in one piece. Tim didn’t think it would be possible but at my insistence, we gave it a go.

Since we had previously freed the c-channel of all screws and bolts, our first step to remove the subfloor in one piece was to double-check that of all the screws going down the middle we gone and the floor was free to move.

16 - 11

Then Tim drilled holes big enough for a crowbar to fit into on either end of the curve. We both took our positions and started pounded. This is where my ears really started to ring.

16 - 113

We tried this for about a 1/2 hour. We were both getting grumpy and the subfloor had only moved a few centimeters. Tim was trying to explain torque and some other physics thing to me and that is when I knew it was time to give up. If Tim pulls the science card, I know it is time to set my plans aside and follow his lead.

So Tim grabbed the saw… I guess the only way to overcome the lack of torque is to use a power saw?

16 - 56

With Tim’s cut-it-out method we were still able to preserve the curves but they just came in three pieces instead of two. It will take a bit more measuring and double checking of measurements than my plan of laying down the old subfloor on top of the new subfloor and tracing but we are gutting and renovating a 30+ year old Airstream…. I think it is safe to say we are comfortable with taking the hard way.

The insulation was pretty non-existent at this point. Mice and time had done a number on all the pink itchy insulation.

16 - 9

Once the middle section was out Tim used the holes he had drilled earlier to pull the rest of the subfloor out with the hammer and crowbar method.

16 - 99

It worked!

16 - 100

There were tons of mice droppings so I quick did a bleach squirt to wet down the dropping to keep the dropping dust from becoming airborne. Then Tim vacuumed.

16 - 30

16 - 89

16 - 41

16 - 87

Then we repeated the same steps on the other side.

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