Subfloor Above Tanks and Kitchen

After getting the first two tanks uncovered, there was still one tank left to expose.



But before we exposed that tank, Tim had to clear out the remaining piece of subfloor between the C-channel. The multi-tool didn’t cut it… literally.


So Tim pulled out the big guns, our Ryobi angle grinder. The angle grinder is dangerous and makes sparks fly but man does it work well!



Once all the remaining bolts and screws were cleared out, Tim did what we have found works best for us, drill a hole big enough for the crow bar, insert crow bar and then bang on the crow bar until the subfloor is free from the C-channel. It isn’t pretty and it very loud but, it does the trick.


We noticed that each tank had been dated and initialed. I love seeing things like this on Alice. It is so cool to see proof of the quality control that Airstream enforces. I love to think about the human side of Airstream building process. In 1983, someone with the initials L.S. installed a water tank in our Airstream. Uncovering things like this remind me of when we found the photo of Al, under one of the twin beds.


While Tim worked on the C-channel, I worked on removing the screws from the subfloor. Most of the screws came out easy in this section of the floor.


Next up was disconnecting all the leftover plumbing tubes and filter.

Starred Photos156

Then Tim cut the floor into smaller sections so it would lift up easier.




And once it was out we moved right along to the kitchen subfloor.


In the kitchen area there were a lot of stripped and rusted out screws.


To speed the process along Tim took the circular saw, set it to the depth of the subfloor and cut around the screws so the floor could be lifted out. You can see proof of those small square-cut outs in the photo below.


Then it was time to clean out the pink stuff.


There were more 3 dead mice in this section.


Tim does the insulation cleaning because of the mice. He is a good husband and I am a pansy.


After Tim cleared out the insulation and dead mice and even some dead wasps… I got to work on removing the stripped screws and Tim worked on more bolts and screws in the c-channel. And then we called it a day.



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