She has a name.

We are name our Airstream type of people. Scratch that. Tim doesn’t really care if the Airstream has a name or not. I very much do care so, I guess, I am a name our Airstream type of person!


After seriously considering Tim suggestion of Athena because she is the goddess of discovery and who is also the female to the male god Apollo which we all know was the NASA mission to the moon and I think Airstreams look like they are one rocket booster away from being able to fly to the moon.  I did a little more digging (i.e. Googling) about Apollo and was surprised to learn that the Astronauts were quarantined in a modified Airstream after the famous NASA Apollo mission to the moon. And according to Wikipedia NASA has used a Airstream Excella motorhome to transport astronauts to launch pads for decades. Tim thinks he is one space suit away from being an astronaut now that he owns an Airstream and has learned that NASA used Airstreams for their astronauts.

It seemed like a Nasa inspired name seemed to fit our Airstream pretty well considering Tim is doing his best to raise a troop of astronauts by patiently answering every question they have about black-holes and supernovas and also spending hours watching Cosmos (both the Sagan and Degrasse-Tyson editions) and Nova with the kids. Elise (who recently turned 4 years old) is still struggling with learning all the letters in the alphabet, but she can tell you all about how the sun is a nova and is really hot and earth circles around the sun.

I personally have never been a science person. I took the required amount of science classes to graduate high school and to get my liberal arts degree, but that was it for science classes for me. No more, no less. Marrying a geek has opened up the world of science to me a little bit, but really it was when our boys started showing an interest in all things science that I finally gave into the fact that I married a geek and we were raising a brood of geeks. Now I love it and embrace it. I do my best to understand what they are talking about, but mostly I just sit back and revel in how great my husband is with our kids and how proud I am at the insightful and intelligent questions my boys ask their father.

I gave into the thought of naming our Airstream after mythological god that was loosely tied to Apollo which was also a mission to the moon. Fine. The one thing I was not bending on was that our Airstream was a girl. It was fine if she was a geeky girl but she had to be a girl. So Apollo was out and Athena was in. Athena and her symbol of wisdom, an owl.

Our Airstream was Athena for almost a week. We thought the name worked and we (Tim and the kids) loved the NASA-ness of the name but it didn’t seem just right so we kept brainstorming. Athena just seemed like too ethereal of a name for a 31 foot mass of aluminium.

In my last post I talked about Airstream Al and what a great guy he was, and how lucky we were to buy our Airstream from an honest and kind man who took good care of the Airstream. While Tim and I were talking about Al one of us, can’t remember who, threw out the name Alice. We both smiled and let it sink in for a bit and I fell in love. Immediately I thought of Alice from the Brady Bunch which couldn’t have been a more iconic image of mid-century America. Alice was a great fit for our girl. It pays homage to its previous owner and it also seems about as retro American as eating apple pie on a gingham picnic blanket while drinking a bottle of Coca Cola!

It wasn’t until I started messing around with a logo for Alice in GIMP that I really knew for sure Alice was our Airstream’s name. In all the times I talked about Airstream Al I never really looked at his name, Al. Capital A. Lower case l.



Al as in the element Aluminium.

Aluminium is what Airstream’s are made of.

Alice starts with Al.




I sent this image to Tim while he was at work and immediately got the reply, “Oh wow, I love it.  It’s so geeky.”

I married a geek. I gave birth to three budding geeks. Now I am turning into a geek. Never before would I have looked at Al and saw Aluminium. Never. Even when I was in Chemistry 101 in college I would have read the name Al and not thought of an element on the periodic table. But this is what happens when you fall in love, get married, have kids and raise those kids. You begin to see things through your partner’s perspective and through your own eyes. You see things through you kids’ eyes. I want our kids to explore and discover like Apollo and Athena but I also want us to grow as a family together. I want us to see things individually with our own point of view but also be able to take a step back and think about the way other are seeing the world and be able to appreciate their perspective too.

Alice is that. Tim and I will both look at the name Alice and see each of us in that name. Tim will see the geek-ness of the number 13 element and I will see the all American mid century TV favorite Alice. The kids will hear the name Alice and think of another blue dressed lady who bravely sets off on an adventure in wonderland.


I like the name Alice. Do I read too much into a name? Probably but while Tim was busy in college studying computer science codes and languages, I was immersing myself in Shakespeare working towards an almost completely useless degree in Theatre. I have studied, “what’s in a name?” and I can tell you with utmost certainty that a name means everything and nothing at all at the same time.

Are you a name your airstream type of person? What did you name your Airstream? Is your Airstream a boy or girl? Do you name any inanimate objects or do you think it is ridiculous? Leave a comment and let us know what you named your Airstream or what you would name one if you had one! We would love to hear the names that everyone else has come up with.

8 thoughts on “She has a name.

  1. Gris

    Enjoying your blog and images via IG. Ours is definitely a girl. ☺️ Although, it doesn’t have a girl’s name, we named her after our mother ocean. She’s our Snug Harbor.

    1. Gris

      Well, we are retired Coasties and we both spent quite sometime at sea or ashore near water. So, it only made sense! Sending all and Alice, fair winds and following seas!

      1. Meg Shannon

        Thanks! We can’t wait to hit the road but first we have so major cleaning and renovations to do! We love reading other blogs of people already travelling or currently renovating. Thanks for the comments 🙂

  2. Sarah

    This is great! You sound like a hoot and I love all the connotations…naming is very important…I have the same thoughtfulness about my *future* Airstream- actually- I write- ALOT and my friends finally convinced me that I should probably start a blog so I came up with a blog name/pen name Simple Sovereign (my initials also happen to be SS) and my writings are usually about simplicity, back to basics, enjoying the little things and being self sufficient- I throw in other stuff too but that’s where *Simple Sovereign* came from- so to make a long story short- chapter 2 of my endeavor to simplify and downsize was the idea to live in an Airstream and garden etc…then I found out that the biggest model of Airstream (which I would need as a mother of 3) is the Sovereign….mind blown. Now I kind of HAVE to get the Sovereign and continue the story….Anyway- I hope you enjoyed my little story and I will be sure to follow your blog for tips and lessons learned in the renovation process…as I am about to embark!

    1. Meg

      That is great! How neat that you named the blog sovereign and then decided to buy a Sovereign! I will definitely check out your blog! Nice to “virtually” meet you! 🙂


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