Science Museum of Minnesota

In December of 2014, the kids and I purged the house of toys and with the money we made selling said toys, we bought a Family Membership to the Science Museum of Minnesota as a Christmas gift for Tim.

Over the past year we have been to the Science Museum about half a dozen times. It wasn’t near as often as we would have liked, but it was still well worth the membership cost.

We all love the Science Museum. Each of us learns something new every time we go. Elise and I love watching the Live Theatre demonstration shows.


The actor pictured above and below is a particular favorite of ours. He does such a wonderful job being silly and teaching while also being so patient and so good with the kids.


Patrick is our kid that is toughest to keep track of in the museum. He dabbles in everything.


He likes to make sure he sees each exhibit and then will loop back and spend the rest of his time on the one that piqued his interest the most that day.


The first time we ever met the Curren family of Currently Wandering and the Dykstra family from Living our Dash was at the Science Museum. Our kids all worked toward their Jr. Ranger Badges at the Mississippi River Visitor Center that is located in the entrance of the museum.


That day was also one of the few days we were at the museum when the weather was nice enough to enjoy the outdoor area of the museum.



The highlight of the year for Tim was going through the NASA exhibit.





Every time we go to the museum we discover something new.


And every time Michael goes to the museum, he does this…


It was so wonderful to have the membership. We could make a quick trip on a rainy afternoon or we could spend a full day exploring.


Buying the membership was a Christmas gift for Tim, but really it was for all of us. I think the biggest thing that I learned over the past year of being a member was that in the end, it isn’t the stuff we store in the house that is important it is the experiences we have when we go out together as a family.


Last weekend we renewed our Science Museum of Minnesota membership. Keeping in mind the lesson I learned last year, I am setting a goal of purging more and more stuff from our house as I look forward to another year of making family experiences a top priority.

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