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We have mold, mildew and mice droppings (no mice carcasses or live mice…yet) to clean out of the Airstream.


Because it is winter, I don’t want to be opening all the windows up to clean because it is cold and while I know the windows work, I don’t want cold and iced over windows to be open and closed a bunch of times. That just doesn’t seem smart.

We don’t clean with a lot of chemicals at home. We are mostly a vinegar, baking soda and eco-friendly cleaning supplies family, BUT we are not purists by any means. I have bleach and Lysol on hand for the tough jobs. We don’t use them often but sometimes I use them for peace of mind (germs be gone!) and to clean the pee stains out of the grout in the bathroom. Our boys are easily distracted when peeing and my bathroom floors are proof of that.

I don’t want to use bleach in the Airstream unless absolutely necessary because everything will be closed up with the exception of the door to vent in fresh air. I want to make sure everything gets cleaned properly so I have peace of mind when my family is sleeping in our big tin can. That means that I want mold, mildew and mice germs gone but I also don’t want us all breathing in chemical residues. Plus, Tim and I will be working together in that Airstream and we both get headaches from chemicals. Renovating with a spouse can be fun but it can also test your marriage in surprising ways. The last thing we need to do is add a chemical headache to the stress of demo and reno!

I have been researching safe ways to kill the mold and so far it seems like my best choices are Concrobium and Moldex. As for the mice droppings, I have to use bleach. It is the only sure-fire way that I have found with scientific proof to get rid of the mice dropping bacteria. This is a bummer but again, safety and peace of mind is what is most important.

So today I went to the big orange store and bought Concrobium because it is no VOC. I also took Alice’s one and only key with me. I needed to get copies of the key made and something about making copies of the key feels so good. This Airstream is ours. This is real.


What do you use to clean when you don’t want to use chemicals? Do you make your own? The kids love when we mix up a bottle of baking soda and vinegar! Do you have a favorite eco-friendly product? I am a fan of Method and Seventh Generation but that is probably because I do 99% of my shopping at Target and those are main eco-friendly brands there. I have bought Mrs. Meyers before but Tim didn’t like the smell. I am intrigued by Dr. Bronners but it seems spendy when I am used to Method prices. I have always wanted to try Shaklee but have never pulled the trigger. When I realize I am out of cleaning supplies, I need new supplies stat. I never think ahead enough to order Shaklee online.


4 thoughts on “Safe Cleaning

  1. Kate

    You are so brave!

    I found you via Instagram. My family and I have Airstreams on the brain, but we’re still in the dream stage. I’ve read up on all the issues with old Airstreams (and honestly, new ones too), and the mold/mice poo stuff freaks me out the most. We are a natural cleaning family too, try to keep chemicals to a minimum, but I think you made the right choice!

    Looking forward to following your journey!


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