Rumble Strip Ramblings

This is the first of many posts that will be a journal of sorts of a journey.

That journey started with a dream that was a whim.  An off hand comment.  A pie in the sky “wouldn’t it be great” conversation that my husband, Tim, and I had on Highway 2. That 250 mile stretch of North Dakota prairie highway is the road that leads from my parents to Tim’s parents.


Our summer vacation this year was a week with my folks and a week with Tim’s folks. We had a great time catching up with family and relaxing, but something happened that day on Highway 2. We realized we wanted more.

Our pie in the sky, wouldn’t it be great, dream is this; buy a vintage Airstream travel trailer, fix it up, load it up, and hit the road.

We want to see America. We want to experience America. We want to explore National Parks. We want to eat at road side diners. We want to try and wrap our arms around the giant red woods trees in California, white water raft in Colorado and see the statue of Paul Revere in Boston. Tim wants to belly up to the table at a crawfish boil and I want to see some of those beautiful plantation homes that had Scarlett yelling Tara!

We want to see and experience it all, and we want our three children to go on the adventure with us. We want our kids to hike trails, explore museums, eat new food and meet new people.

This is our dream and instead of talking about it wistfully we dove in head first. We don’t have it all figured out (yet), but we are figuring it out along the way.

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