Purge time

I have rivets, custom bunk beds, and U-shaped dinettes on the brain. We have 240 square feet of Airstream awesomeness to renovate (plans here) and in order to do that we need time and money. To acquire more time and money, Tim and I are spending countless hours purging our home of excess. We are not ready to go completely minimalist. Scratch that, I am not ready to go completely minimalist, Tim is. But I am ready to take a giant step in that direction. We have spent hours and hours going through bins, closets, and nooks and crannies looking for things that we I can part with. I was a bit anxious about it all but it is easier than I thought it would be.

We are purging the house to free up time spent on cleaning. We have a lot of stuff and we have three kids. Our home is 2500 square feet of stuff. There isn’t a wall that doesn’t have a piece of furniture pushed up against it. There isn’t a wasted storage opportunity. We have loads and loads of stuff. Keeping all that stuff cleaned takes a ridiculous amount of time. Our theory is that if we have less stuff we will spend less time cleaning that stuff up.

In the end the kids are happiest when the play room is cleared of all the toys on the floor and they have room to dance and do cartwheels. They do not need as many toys as they have. Dancing and cartwheels is way more fun than toys anyway!

That is how we will gain our time to work on the Airstream. The money is another thing all together. When we get all the stuff out of the house we plan on having a garage sale. I know we will not make a fortune but I do hope we make a little bit of cash. Every bit helps when buying rivets and lumber for Alice! Usually I do the easy thing and just load everything up and take a van full of stuff to the thrift store. We have favorite thrift store that we really like supporting, but with Alice in mind, I am going to try to sell as much as I can in one weekend before taking the rest of the stuff to the thrift store.

I made a promise to Tim. Once the stuff goes into the garage, it will not come back into the house. The garage is filling up and after a run to IKEA for big box, much assembly required organizational systems, the house is feeling lighter. Now I just need to stick a thousand little neon circle stickers on our stuff at priced-to-sell values. Anyone looking for boys size 6-7 clothes? I got you covered. You want board books and wooden puzzles? I got that too. No kids? I have kitchen wares for sale. Name your price, you got a deal.

What do you think? Are garage sales worth the effort? Do you think it is worth the hassle of pricing, putting up signs and laying out all your stuff for your neighbors to peruse or is a tax write off more you style?  Is parting with stuff easy for you, or are you more like me where I struggle with the “but we might need it someday” or “that is the shirt our boy wore on the first day of preschool – how could I ever part with that!” One thing I am sure of is that the lighter the house feels the lighter my mood is. It is amazing how much all the excess can weigh you down.

2 thoughts on “Purge time

  1. Jess Curren

    We had more luck selling on Facebook online “garage sale” groups than physical garage sales. Not that we didn’t have two of those as well. 🙂 All told (including camera gear and BIG tools) I think we ended up selling over $3000. It was awesome and felt SO good. Keep it up! It’s worth it!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement! We recently had family in town visiting which is rare for us and we let them look over our DVD collection and take anything they wanted. All told we got rid of over 100 DVDs and it felt so good. We kept all the good kid movies (we are HUGE Disney and Pixar fans) and a handful of Tim and my favorites but the rest we decided we didn’t need any more. It was freeing. Now to tackle the stuffed animals!


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