People, We have asphalt!

This past Friday we finally got our asphalt. We are suppose to wait 2-3 weeks before we park an RV on our new asphalt. Because Alice is a big girl we will be waiting 3 weeks.

New asphalt for Alice.

The crew arrived just before 7 am and it was all I could do to tear the kids away from the window so they would eat some breakfast so they would have food in their belly for the school day.

Watching the asphalt crew.

I don’t blame the kids though. It isn’t like watching asphalt is the most exciting thing in the world but it is pretty cool. There were blowtorches, heavy machinery and steam rising off the ground. It was quite an exciting morning at the Shannon house.

IMG_20140912_073338 IMG_20140912_073149

What made really made the new asphalt exciting was that having the asphalt poured meant that we could start our countdown. 17 days and we get to bring Alice home.

17 days and Tim will hitch our big girl up and haul her out of rented storage and somehow back her onto her new parking pad. 17 days!

I have got to get rid of the crap in our garage! Anyone need 4 dining room chairs, a few bins of size 5 & 6 boys clothes and bags of toys?! No? What about some DVDs or books? I also have some girls size 3T I would be happy to sell you at rock bottom prices. The money goes into our rivet fund!

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