Parking Predicament

Now that we own an Airstream, an Airstream that needs a lot of work, we need a place to work on it.

Right now our Airstream (whose name is TBD) is parked at a rental garage parking lot that is costing us $75 a month.

It has been a dream of our since we bought our house with the smallest 2 car garage ever, to add a third stall to the garage so we would be able to do luxurious things like open doors on each side of the van without having to back the van out of the garage first. Well, with our new dream, and our big on-a-whim purchase, our garage dreams have changed.

We no longer want a thirds stall garage, we now need a parking pad. So that is my mission for the week. I am getting bids from local concrete contractors and hopefully sooner rather than later we will have a place to park the Airstream that isn’t across town behind a gated entry.

We decided to go with concrete because we do not live in our “forever home”. Tim and I do not plan to grow old in this home and even though it would be cheaper to have a ton of gravel delivered to create of gravel parking pad we know that whoever buys our home next will see the small garage as minus instead of a plus. We figure if there is a concrete parking pad at least the next home owners will be once step closer to adding a third stall, or they will have a place to park their toy or third car.

So we are biting the bullet and paying for concrete and counting it as an investment into our home as well as a necessity in progressing towards our dreams.

Now I just need to find a place for all my hastas!

hastas need a new home



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