Pantry Demo

We left off with finishing demoing the large wardrobe.

IMG_7060While Tim did some measuring I tore out the blue carpet. And surprise surprise… more mouse poop. Tim had to help with the carpet pad because I am in charge of documenting the Alice Renovation in photos and because Tim takes crap photos and because mouse poop.

IMG_7081When the carpet was removed we were left with this surprise. Nothing like giant holes covered by orange carpet to help me make my case for all new sub-floor!

Starred Photos52

Here is a closer look at the craziness.

Starred Photos55Speaking of unsightly bits of Alice, here is a quick look at the bathroom that as of now, I like to pretend is not there. Out of sight out of mind. Because if I start think about it my head just starts to shake slowly and then it gains speed every time I think “Carpet in the bathroom. CARPET in the bathroom? CARPET IN THE BATHROOM?!” So it is best just for me to take deep breaths and never ever open the bathroom door.

Starred Photos53We started the pantry demo by taking off the doors. The door frames are in okay shape and with a good cleaning, sanding, and painting they will be ready to go. It will be much easier to slip in a new face into the frame then to make all new frames. At least that is the idea. Since we are custom building we will be able to choose what size the doors are and hopefully it works out in our design that we are able to reuse the doors.

Starred Photos54The same goes for the drawers. The drawers and the hardware are in really good shape so we saved those too. This will save us loads of building expenses, time and not to mention our sanity. A little design tweaking to make sure we accommodate the old doors and drawers in our new design.  Hopefully it will be well worth the design challenge and the extra planning effort. Can’t you just see the possibilities?! I have been doing my best to convince Tim that I should be able to paint at least some of the cabinets a fun color.

IMG_7129After the doors were out, Tim was able to take down the overhead cabinet which was unexpectedly its own separate piece. It really is fascinating how these Airtreams are put together.

IMG_7151The cable Tim is un-threading from the back of the cabinet was a coaxial cable that is connected to the giant TV antenna on top of Alice. Seems like Al had a few creature comforts and TV was one of them.


IMG_7169 After the top cabinet was down Tim took down another faux leather divider. You got to love the 80s and their love of all things faux.


IMG_7181Then there was this…

IMG_7188And then another wall came tumbling down! Have I mentioned yet that this is my favorite part. It is like pulling back the curtains to a big window. All the sudden everything seems larger and lighter all at once.

output_NSJA9dThen came the most challenging part of the day. The skeleton of the closet was quite the puzzle that needed to be taken apart in a very specific order. Tim is a good and patient man. I probably would have just grabbed the sledgehammer.



IMG_7263Tim wanted me to mention for posterity and for all other future Airstream renovators that may come across this page, the bottom rail goes all the way under the fridge! Leave the bottom rail, take the legs.

IMG_7270When those legs were removed we called it a day because our kids are demanding little monsters who insist on being fed a minimum of 4 times a day.

IMG_7298Alice is a big girl.

IMG_7293I went in to clean up and start lunch for the monsters while Tim hauled the day’s demo pile to the garage to be sorted into three piles

  1. I think I can sneak this into our trash bins
  2. Bagster
  3. Keep in case we can salvage

All three piles are overflowing after the pantry and hall carpet demo.




kitchen pantry demo

4 thoughts on “Pantry Demo

  1. James Wells

    Thanks a lot for this. I have an older class A and have been wanting to do some upgrades but had no idea what I would come across. This has given me some confidence that I too can tackle some of what I want to do. Good luck…….

  2. Cathy M.

    Ok, what are the big holes in the subfloor from?? I can’t believe that Al would just cover them with carpet! Ughhhhhh!

    1. Meg Post author

      Are you talking about the square ones under the Pantry and Wardrobe? That is a great question. We never did figure that out. They were covered by metal flashing. Our best guess is that someone did some repairs and needed access and in order to cover up the hole they cut they put flashing over it. This was a heavily infested mice area too so I think this was one of the mice access points. Yuck! There will be NO extra holes in our subfloor!

      1. Cathy M.

        Yep, that’s what I was referring to…wow, can’t believe they would flash over that! And Amen to no more mice!


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