One Year!

one yearwith reno

Today, July 17th, marks one year from the day we met Al and the first time we ever saw our Airstream, Alice.

Tomorrow, July 18th, marks one year from the start of this blog and also the day we bought our tow vehicle. (If you want Tim to write a post about our tow vehicle, sound off below in the comments!)


And then finally, July 19th, is the one year anniversary of buying Alice.



It is hard to believe that it has already been in a year. In some ways I feel like we have come so far.

We have installed a parking pad. So we had a place to renovate Alice.

We have moved Alice from the storage lot to her new parking pad.

We started demo on a balmy 19 degree day in January.

We demoed each section of Alice carefully, once puzzle piece at a time.

And here we are one year later working on removing the inner skins.

I know Alice will not be completely done in time for this year’s camping season, but we do have a goal. We are hoping and really working toward getting to the point where we can take Alice camping before the snow falls.

To get to this point we need to finish inner skin demo:

  • remove the rotted subfloors
  • clean the entire trailer of old insulation
  • check for leaks
  • repair leaks
  • have a professional check the chassis and propane plumbing
  • install belly pan insulation
  • install new marine grade plywood floors
  • seal new plywood floors
  • install Marmoleum flooring
  • finalize electrical wiring
  • add any additional supports needed for rear bunks
  • put in wall insulation (one or two layers depending on what we decide)
  • clean all the inner skin
  • reinstall all the inner skin
  • put all window and door casing and trim back on.

If we can get this done by mid September, we will be able to take her camping. We will need to bring flash lights, coolers and air mattresses/bedrolls because we will have nothing in the camper but that is just fine with us. It would it be so fun to be able to take her out at least once before the MN winter sets in.

One year. We have made progress. Whether it was a lot of progress or a little is relative. For us, I think we have done well. We have managed to have a lot of fun as a family this year and still have found time to work on Alice. Soon Alice will be safe for the kids to be in again and then they can help with renovations too. That will be a true test of patience and parenting skills fun. I can’t say having the kids help will speed up the process but I love the idea of the kids feeling like have had some ownership in this crazy project too.


One year and counting. Our goal is to be finished by next year at this time. Two years from purchasing to completion isn’t too bad, right?!



4 thoughts on “One Year!

  1. Michael Boyink

    No, two years is not too long for such a huge project in the midst of family life!

    I used to have old Jeeps…I think I had a rewire project that took that long..;)

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      It is the family life that is slowing us down! But it is the family life we want that keeps us motivated! We have had some house projects that have been abandoned over the years so I understand how a rewire project can get pushed to the side! 🙂

  2. Kyle

    I don’t think that’s long at all! You guys should be so proud of yourselves! You’ve accomplished SO much! So amazing to watch! 🙂

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Thanks Kyle! I just finished showering off all the pink insulation from inner skin demo and I was feeling grumpy and overwhelmed at how much work was left to do but your comment made me want to get back out there and start working again! Thank you!


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