One Year and One Week

Just over a year ago we started demo in Alice. The first thing we demoed was the couch.


I have not looked at the “before” photos in months. I forgot how ugly the couch was and how water stained the curtains were. I can almost smell the stagnate air when I look at that photo.

We have come a long way.


We are not as far as we hoped we would be at the one year (and one week) mark but I still think that we are on point to hit our target of camping by this June… more likely July… Please let us be done by this summer! That gives us 6-9 months to get Alice camping ready. I am sure she will not be completely done by then but if the floors, walls and wiring are installed and some of the components are working we hope to at least take her out and use her as a glorified tent.

colloage demo year

Here are a few more “before” photos for posterity sake and to remind us and all of you wonderful readers, how far we have come!





Starred Photos56




There have been some major up and downs. There have been more dead mice than I would care for, but less than I had expected. The current count is 4 mice carcasses and 1 skeleton. I would be fine if that is where the mice number peaked but we still have a lot of subfloor to pull up!

For now… we just keep crossing our fingers for warmer temps on the weekends. Progress seems slow lately but at least it hasn’t stopped completely!

One year of demo later…


We have written 26 posts on Demo. We have made countless trips to Home Depot and Menards. We have bought many new tools to facilitate the demo process. We are invested. Blood, sweat and tears (the first mouse scared me so bad there may have been tears…) have gone into this Demo.

For more demo posts and to see a break down of our process, check out the Demo Gallery.

Demo Gallery


5 thoughts on “One Year and One Week

  1. Jay C.

    Holy Project! This is amazing! I am not gonna lie I do not have the patience for this sort of endeavor. We are actually looking for our first Airstream right now!

    I am just reading around the site now – so please excuse me if I tread down a path that you have already covered – but what are your thoughts on solar?

  2. Gwen

    We are about to start our own renovation journey. We have a 1978 airstream. Did you save the inside skin and intend to reinstall it or will you be installing some new skin? Would love to see how you choose to tackle that. Keep up the great work

    1. Meg Post author

      We kept the inner skin and will be installing it again after it gets a major scrubbing. We plan on painting over the Zolatone. Thanks for reading and good luck with your reno! Are you posting photos of it anywhere so we can follow along?


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