Littlest Helper

How do we get any work done when we have three kids ages 8 ,7 & 4? Alice demo has taken a really long time and we are still not completely done with demo. But, we are getting closer.

We are lucky to have my sister who lives only 40 minutes away. When she is available she will help out by keeping the kiddos occupied while we work. Usually she does this out of the kindness of her heart, but sometimes it is purely in exchange for the free use of our washer and dryer. As long as she continues to live in an apartment that charges ridiculous amounts of money to wash a load of clothes we are secure in the knowledge that we will always have a babysitter close by.

When my sister isn’t available we try to send the kids out into the backyard to play where we can see them from the rear windows of Alice. We don’t get as much done this way but we still make progress.

We are hoping that once we get to the building phase, and when all the mice poop and mold are gone, that we will be able to have the kids help us as much as possible. We know that progress will be slower this way but we also know that if they are involved in the renovation that they will love Alice as much as we do.

This past weekend my sister wasn’t available, it was quite cold and cloudy outside so the kids were not interested in playing outside.

The boys have helped out with the demo earlier in the process.

IMG_5884This past weekend Elise joined us for the whole time we worked. At first she was just in the way. She wanted to get her hands in there and do some demo!


Tim let her remove a few screws and she thought she was pretty awesome.


She was eager to help and I loved that, but we only had a limited amount of time to work. The boys were being good and keeping themselves busy and out of trouble so we had to capitalize on our working time. So we gave Elise a very important job.


Elise’s job was to draw what she thought the inside of the camper should look like.


She worked really hard on planning out the kids’ bedroom. She drew bunks, windows and curtains.

IMG_20150328_124329By the time she finished her interior design, we had gotten down 2 of the walls of bathroom and we were anxious to keep working and try to get the vanity out. In order to keep on task we needed to give Elise a task. Her next job was to draw what “Camper Alice” (That is what she calls Alice) will look like when we take her to the mountains.


She worked diligently and took her job seriously.


Tim and I continued the bathroom demo and she continued to draw.


For the record, I did help just a little when she was getting frustrated while trying to draw the truck cab. Other than that, she drew it all herself.


And then her cat and rabbit went camping.


She was so proud of her work, and Tim and I were making major progress on the bathroom demo.

Tim and I both were really enjoying having her out in the Airstream with us while we worked. It was a fun afternoon. Elise had a great time, Tim and I made progress on Alice, neither of the boys were injured while they played with little supervision. It was a banner day.

Best of all though, is that we now have our first piece of art of the Airstream. We are proud to say that it is an original, one of a kind piece of work and we personally know the artist.







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  1. Cathy M.

    How sweet! It is good for kids to witness projects and see Mom & Dad tackle stuff together! Glad the boys behaved, too!


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