Large Wardrobe Demo

Last time we worked in the Airstream we had less than an hour to work and we were able to demo the smaller wardrobe. This time we had a bit longer to work so we tackled the large wardrobe and the faux leather room divider.

Here is where we left off.



The first thing to go was the room divider.



Not that faux leather isn’t great, but we are planning to install a solid pocket door here so the existing divider needed to go. We want the kids to have a dark and quiet place to sleep come bed time, and Tim and I will have a little more privacy on the other side of the door. Something about accordion faux leather dividers just doesn’t lend itself well to Daddy and Mommy time.





These wires were hidden under the carpet.


After the divider and its hardware were out, the closet doors came off. 
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I had forgotten how much room was in this closet. I definitely think we will be able to create a more effective storage area. I can’t imagine we will have to many “must be hung” clothes packed with us when we are camping.




When the door hardware was out, the closet looked even bigger. I joked to Tim that we could even fit a 4th child in the closet. He said no.  His face had suddenly gone very pale, so I assured him that I was kidding. Closet will be for storage. I am thinking shelves and bins but I am not sure yet.




Once this final bar was removed we were able to take down the bedroom wall.



Going… going…



Gone! Walls being demoed is my favorite part!


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Once the last toe-nailed board was out we were left with this.



I refilled the bleach squirt bottle and got to work killing all the mice germs.



The fumes from the bleach were overwhelming so Tim cleared out what we demoed and we called it a day.



Then Tim and I took a quick shower and we all loaded up in the van and headed to the kids’ swim meet.


Many people are able to demo and gut an Airstream in one or two weekends. I wish we were able to do that but we can’t. We work quickly and efficiently whenever we can. Demo has been slow going but when you get to balance Airstream progress with something as great as watching the kids’ swim, we are able to accept the turtle like progress and know that eventually, slow and steady will get us to the finish line.

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large wardrobe demo

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