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This is a photo heavy post. There are a lot of components to a kitchen, even one as small as Alice’s kitchen. This was not the most difficult of the areas to demo but it seemed to have the most resistance to being demoed. There were hidden rivets and screws everywhere. Plus there is the awesome added bonus of working around propane, plumbing and the furnace. Come to think of it, maybe this was the most difficult area to demo!

The kitchen has been our dumping ground and holding zone. Just like our kitchen counters in our house, the counter top in Alice was collected all our stuff. Before we could begin demo we had to clean.

Starred Photos68

Starred Photos69Once everything was cleared away I couldn’t decide, Is this a big kitchen with plenty of room or a crazy small kitchen. We are keeping this layout when we rebuild so seeing it all cleared out prompted the question, “How can we make this space more efficient?”

Better, smarter storage and a cutting board that goes atop the sink was all I could come up with.

Every room we demo we find a little more of what Al has left behind. The kitchen was no different. Here are some keys. What they are for, no idea. We will keep them for now in case any are for the exterior of Alice. Pretty sure the remote key fob does not belong to our 1984 Airstream though!

Last photo of the original kitchen!

The first to be demoed was the plastic spice rack.

Starred Photos70

Then the overhead cabinet with lovely plush baby blue endcap came down.

Starred Photos71What was left was a fan that looked like it had seen better days. I think we will be replacing that down the line. For now, it stays.

Then came out the disgusting molded, water swollen backsplash.

Starred Photos72Next was tackling the plumbing to free up the sink.

Sink came out pretty easily.

Starred Photos73The faucet was a bit tougher. Years of use had pretty much bonded it to the laminated covered countertops.

Next, we disconnected the water filter and the other water lines.

Starred Photos74After that Tim could finally get to the rivets holding the last remaining wall in place.

I am not sure what was more exciting… Seeing the first wall come down or the last.

She feels so big and spacious now!

Then it was time to tackle the range.

The wiring was in scary bad condition.

Starred Photos75To detach the propane you have to lift the burner and enamel stove to up to get to the nut that attached the propane.

Starred Photos76Another scary sight… one of the propane tubes had broken off from the burner.

As Tim removed the stove, I Googled RV propane stove costs. We will keep this stove around for now but it will not go back in Alice until it has been repaired by a professional.

This is the furnace.

Once the end cap was out Tim was able to reach the rest of the rivets connecting the cabinets and countertop to the Airstream.

It was so exciting to see that last big piece be demoed!

The countertop had to be removed in order for the cabinet to fit out the door.


And then we were left with this.

Starred Photos77Next we finish demo. All that is left is all the furnace, plumbing, lighting and electrical components!

Airstream Kitchen Demo


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Demo

  1. James Wells

    I would think I would stop right here, get me a folding cot, table and a camp stove. Maybe that is why I am not moving too fast on mine..

  2. Amber

    We mounted an IKEA magnetic knife rack behind the stove top for our knives which we really love, and is a great space saver. We also found pairs of socks and ear plugs in random drawers 🙂


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