Kids Point Of View

I love to take photos. I always have a camera around. I am not a professional photographer by any means. Really, I am still getting the hang of the manual setting on my Cannon. I have a lot to learn and I still cannot grasp some of the concepts of manual photography. But with every photo I take, I am getting a little better. I like the challenge of photography. I really like the having all of the photos to help remember special moments. But most of all, I really love how creative I feel when I am photographing something.

The kids have grown up with a camera of some sort in their face, be it a cell camera, point and click or a big DSLR camera. Since they were babies they have stared down the lens of one of my cameras almost daily. They know what a camera is, they know to respect it and that it is an expensive. They also know that occasionally the photos I take get printed and framed in our house or flash across the digital photo frame in the kitchen or sometimes even turn into a little video montage.

I am trying to teach my kids to love photography too. It isn’t hard, because I think most kids naturally like to take photos, especially with a digital camera. It makes me so happy to see them with a camera, framing their shot carefully or just haphazardly pointing and clicking at the sky and then giggle as the run over to me to show me the photo they have taken.

Their desire to take photos has grown over the years and since we added the Olympus Tough to our collection of cameras two summers ago for a trip to a Wisconsin Dells Water Park, I am able to trust them more with the camera knowing that, for the most part, the camera can survive just about anything the kids throw at it. Not literally. The boys would test this theory with a rock as soon as they read that sentence, so I really shouldn’t test fate by saying that, but you get my drift. It is a water proof camera that can handled being jostled and dropped, which is about as kid safe as a camera can be.

All that said, I have been saving the photos that the kids have taken in a folder on my desktop, not really knowing what to do with them. The kids are not at the point where I think that they will take care of printed out photos, or really want to, so I thought instead I would start a little blog series so that someday, when they are interested, they could look back on the photos and laugh and reminisce.

So here it is. The first in what I hope to be a semi-regular series. I plan on taking photos of them taking photos, but I know that won’t always be the case.  Here are some of my favorites from the file on my desktop labeled, Kids’ POV because I am too lazy to type out Kids’ Point Of View. kidspov

Patrick at the MN Zoo Big Bugs Exhibit Summer 2014.


Photo by Patrick

Elise at McCarrons Lake Spring 2015.


Photo by Elise

Patrick at McCarrons Lake Spring 2015.


Photo by Patrick

Michael at my parents cabin Spring 2015.

Photo by Michael

Photo by Michael

Photo by Michael

Michael takes a lot of selfies. Patrick likes to take photos of things he thinks are cool. Elise favors taking photos of people.

If that isn’t a reflection of their personalities, I don’t know what is!

What do your kiddos take photos of? Do you have a stash of incredibly unflattering photos of yourself that the kids have taken? I do. I swear the kids only take photos of me when I am bent over picking something up or when I am mid yawn!

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