Inner Skin Demo

We got the ceiling out on Saturday and on Sunday we were able to get another panel done. I know this isn’t that impressive for the people who bang out an entire demo in one weekend but we just can’t do that. Our kids are just old enough that if we send them to the backyard they can play semi-nicely for about an hour, sometimes two hours before their sweet sibling love dissolves into fighting. So, that is our window of time. We get about an 1-2 hours on most weekends. Some weekends we have time to work on both Saturday and Sunday, most weekends we don’t.

We do what we can, while we can, and slowly make progress. I have to say though, the inner skins coming down feels like a HUGE step. We are almost ALMOST done with demo and then we get to put our Alice back together again!

This is where we left off on Saturday. On Sunday we dressed project appropriate instead of weather appropriate. It was hot working in Alice in the 78 degree heat with long sleeve and pants, but after all the itching and discomfort from the insulation demo on Saturday we knew it was better to be hot than have our skin covered in that awful pink insulation!


Just like the ceiling panel, we removed all the rivets but this time around we had to make sure all the window screens were off too.


You can see Tim pulling down the skin panel in the video below.

After the skin was down we were left with mice nested insulation.


When Tim was pulling down the skin, an acorn came falling down. The mice had made themselves quite at home.




The insulation came down in mostly big pieces. We pulled all the loose stuff off but we will have to come back and scrub away the rest later. We will wait until all the inner skin is down before we do that.




We will not be able to work on Alice next weekend because of the Holiday and the weekend after that is Michael’s birthday so it will be a while before we can work again. We are so close to the end of demo that it is disappointing that we can’t work more often and for longer periods of time but we have to balance Alice reno with family time, work time, household upkeep time and sleep. There are just not enough hours in the day.


BUT I must stay positive. We are making progress! I can’t wait until we get all the skins down and we can scrub the rest of the insulation away.

Inner Skin Demo2



5 thoughts on “Inner Skin Demo

  1. Boyink

    When I saw the title I wondered if this was some new beauty treatment being shown.

    Quite the opposite? 😉

    You’re into it now – and I expect almost to the “low” point where the rebuild might seem overwhelming. Stick with it!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Thanks Michael! If completing Demo is the halfway point, we are almost halfway. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot more to build than to demo though!

      1. Michael Boyink

        Oh for sure…I was thinking more from an emotional point of view. I have seen many Jeep projects where all the teardown got done then the project abandoned.

        So – random/theoretical question for you. If one were to want to come along and help work on this thing for a period of time say mid-September-ish would there be RV parking within reasonable distance (and would outside help be an actual help)?

        1. Meg Shannon Post author

          Michael, I am not even sure what point of the renovations we will be at in September! It is hard to say if there would be anything to help with at that time. There are some camp grounds kind of near us. If you are ever in the Twin Cities area, let us know. We would love to meet you, and even if there is nothing to work on we would be happy to show off Alice no matter what stage of demo/reno we are at!

          1. Boyink

            I’ll stick a pin in our “people to see” map and we’ll see how the fall plays out. I’ve been feeding the need to work with my hands with small stuff but could have fun on a large-scale project too..;)

            Seems like we stayed in a nice CG close to a Zoo last time we were in that area (on our first year around).

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