Inner Skin Demo Continues

We left off here with the Inner Skin Demo.



Our goal this weekend was to get the rest of the inner skin off on the curb side. And like every other steps of the demo, we greeted with an obstacle right off the bat. We couldn’t remove the skin on the left of the door where the light switches and lock were because we needed to be able to lock up Alice and we were not ready to play locksmith. Our other obstacle was that we couldn’t get the skin out with out removing the door casing/trim. This wasn’t as big of a deal as we thought it would be. Just like so many other steps to this process we just had to take it one puzzle piece at a time.

Starred Photos110

The frame was riveted on at the door jamb. Tim drilled out the rivets.

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Then with the help of the crow bar he very carefully  removed the door casing/trim. The last thing we wanted here was to bend the casing because finding a replacement or trying to bend it back correctly would be tough.

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The casing/trim came off and Tim managed to keep it in good condition even though some sections were really tight and took some man power to free it.

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Once the casing/trim was off we could start removing the inner skin.

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We figured it wasn’t too big a deal to leave this little piece on. I will be able to scrub it and paint it in place and also because it is so small and is only connected on one side, it will be easy to stick the insulation back there before we rivet the rest of the skin back on.

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Then we started taking down each piece. This process consisted of finding all the rivets and drilling them out.

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Over and over and over. Find the rivets, drill them out, remove the skin and expose the nasty pink insulation.

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While we removed them I made sure to label each piece and I took a photo of each piece as it came off. Because my photos are numbered as I take them we will be able to see what order we took each piece down so when it comes time to put it all back up we can just consult the photo list and work our way backwards.


Next up was taking out the wheel well. This is where we uncovered our first mouse carcass. It was nasty. But I have to say, it was nice to finally find one because now I know what to expect. In this case, the anticipation was much worse than actually fear.

Starred Photos107

Once the wheel well cover was off we started in on the last big piece of the curb side.





Once the skin was off we were left with this.

Starred Photos108

We got rid of that as quick as we could and I was happy that unlike the ceiling area this insulation was not glued in place to cleaning these walls will go much quicker.





The curb side inner skin is demoed!


It is so great to finally see the frame. We are making progress. We have some things to figure out before rebuilding but we have time to research and ask opinions via social media. For instance, what are we going to do about our wheel wells. They are in horrible shape. We don’t want to add a whole bunch of weight by making them out of ply wood but the cost of buying a replacement is probably more money than we want to spend. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do to replace your wheel well? Did you repair it some how? I have these questions and so many more. Time to start searching the Air Forums for answers!

Inner Skin Demo3

4 thoughts on “Inner Skin Demo Continues

  1. Ben & Meg Barker

    Interior is looking great! We were in the same spot not so long ago. “Sticktoitiveness” is a word we chant a lot around here! One (of many) mistakes we made on this project was to order WAY too much Prodex (similar to Reflectix). In fact, I think our order somehow got doubled, and sitting in our shop here in LA is a big roll of the stuff that we have no further use for. Probably a long shot, but if you guys happen to be in the area, you are more than welcome to swing by and take it with you with our compliments. We’d love to see it used for a great restoration like yours! If you have any interest, let me know and I’ll get more precise measurements, etc. Regards, Ben & Meg

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Ben & Meg, Unfortunately we will not be anywhere near you guys any time soon. It is very generous of you to think about us though! The Airstream Community never ceases to amaze me! I would offer to pay for shipping and throw in extra for your trouble but I would guess that shipping probably costs more than it is worth. Please shoot me an email if that is something you would consider Thanks!!

      I love seeing how your Airstream is coming together. All the vintage accents you have and the great textiles look so great!

  2. Rebecca

    This gets me so excited to start our project, a 31′ 1971 sovereign. Tomorrow we officially start demo! I love your site! I’m a real visual learner and your photos are so helpful! I never would have thought to label everything, great idea!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Thank you! Your comment made my day! 🙂 I am a visual learner too so I completely get where you are coming from! We will keep posting photos and posts along the way.


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