How our blog got its name.

We have been blogging at Rumble Strip Ramblings for one year now. It has been a fun year and through this blog I have made friends, most of them are still virtual friends, but we have met a few in person (Shout out to Currently Wandering, Art of Everyday Life, National Park Mommy and Living our Dash!)

We have learned so much about our Airstream through this process. I don’t think we would have learned near as much if we hadn’t taken our time, photographed every step and then blogged about it. Tim and I are both hoping this will help us when it comes time to finally rebuild Alice into the beautifully renovated Airstream we envision she can be.

When we started this blog it was in a rush. There was not a whole lot of planning that went into logos, themes, headers or even the blog’s name itself. The way we came up with Rumble Strip Ramblings was much like how we came up with the idea to buy an Airstream and renovate it. We were driving down Interstate 29 in North Dakota after our week of summer fun at Tim’s parents’ house. For some perspective, We started our summer vacation on the Western side of ND at my parents’ house and on the east-bound drive on highway 2 between my parents and Tim’s parents we decided to buy an Airstream. After a week at Tim’s parents of Googling Airstreams whenever the kids were occupied with Grandma and Grandpa we were completely sold on the idea. We even knew at that point that we wanted a rear bedroom and a front end dinette.

It was the drive home from Tim’s parents while we were on Interstate 2 that we decided that we should blog about our journey. I had out a notebook and we were throwing around blog name ideas in a typical brainstorm style.

  • Road.
  • Road Trip.
  • Airstream.
  • Tin.
  • Aluminium.
  • Stream.
  • Family.
  • Hit the Road.
  • Fun.
  • Wheels.
  • Open Road.
  • On a whim.
  • Wanderlust.

And on and on it went. We laughed at some names. We even checked domain availability on other names. Nothing fit. The boys were in the way back seat of the van talking Legos and Elise was almost drifting off in the middle seat behind us. I motioned for Tim to sneak a peek at Elise because there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child, especially one who talks the entire time she is awake. As Tim turned to look at the almost sleeping Elise, the van drifted just enough to the shoulder of the road that the tires rolled over the edge of the bumps. In that moment, Elise’s eyes sprung open and she exclaimed, “RUMBLE STRIP!”

The “Ramblings” came shortly after a quick domain name search and some questionable Google search results.

So that is how Rumble Strip Ramblings got its name. The header was a quick Gimp project of mine and all the profile photos I have used across the different social media platforms have been hastily put together text and photos.

After a year of blogging and since we are reaching the end of demo and I am itching to be creative and productive in the completely opposite way of destructive demolition, I decided we needed a logo for our blog.

So here we are with Alice’s new look. You are seeing it here first. Soon, I will be changing over the other social media profiles and headers too. Tim and I worked on the logo together and we are really happy with what we came up with.

A new year. A new look.

RSR Logo

Thank you readers and the Airstream and RV community for all the support over the last year. So many of you have answered our questions from the simplest to the more complex, you all have been so much help; an invaluable resource! And even more so than the help, the encouragement and virtual high fives have kept me going on the hottest (and coldest) days of stinky and gross demo!

We are at a point in demo where it is a lot of cleaning and little work. We will still post about it but posts may be fewer and far between for the next couple weeks. You will how ever see a slow transition on the blog to this new look. Stay tuned and please let us know if you experience any bugs so we can fix them right away!



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