Hitched, hauled and finally home!

It has been a crazy few weeks here. Tim was out-of-town for work for 12 days. He flew back into town on the Thursday evening flight which was Patrick’s (our middle child) 7th birthday. Friday morning we got the kids to school, and before we finalized all birthday party preparations for the big spider themed bash that was happening that night, and before we packed for the wedding we were travelling out-of-town for early Saturday morning, we drove 10 minutes across town and hitched up big shiny girl and hauled her home!


As great as she looked among all the blue garage doors at Acorn Mini Storage we couldn’t do any renovations on her while she was stored there so it was time to bring her home and park her on the new and finally set asphalt parking pad.




The big moment… hitching up Alice to haul her home. Can you tell that we are new at this?


We forgot to pull the pin!

IMG_8294Someday we will be pros at this. For now, maybe we need to make a little check list to make sure we remember everything before start to haul Alice down the road! With the pin pulled, Tim finished the hitching process while I snapped a few more last photos of Alice in storage.









And one final shot. I can’t help but think that the adventure begins now!



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