Here and Now Project

We will be diving into project Get Airstream Alice on the Road very soon (fingers crossed — This weekend!) and I know that it will be an all-encompassing, time-consuming, all hands on deck adventure in its own right, but that doesn’t mean that our life is on hold until Alice is road ready.

We have done a lot of renovating to our home since we moved in 6 years ago. Throughout those renovation projects we made the mistake of not balancing renovations with relaxation. It is very easy to get burned out really quick when life is all work and no play. It is even easier to become resentful toward whatever project we were working on at the time if we don’t get a break from it.

With that in mind Tim and I have made a very conscious decision to not let our dreams of hitting the road with Alice in tow take over our lives. Yes we will be spending a lot of time (and money!) working on the Airstream, but we hope to balance the time spent on Alice with time enjoying life. We plan to have the kids involved with as much of the renovation process as safely possible, but there will be plenty of times where they will not be able to help. We know that this approach to renovating will take longer because we will not be concentrating all our time and money on just the Airstream but we are okay with that. This renovation will be a marathon, not a sprint. The last thing we want is for the Airstream to become something that the kids resent because we spend all our time working and have no time left to play.

So here it is. This is our public commitment to living a balanced life. Will work and play always be equally balanced? No. Life with three kids and an incessant need to DIY will never make for a balanced existence, but we will do our best. In order to make play a priority we have made it a project in and of itself. Because really, isn’t playing and living life important enough to be a project?

If I ever need a reminder of how important taking time out to play is, I will look at this photo. We don’t need to go on grand adventures across the country to have fun. Right now the joy of seeing Patrick beat his big brother to the top of a steep hill is more than enough. There will not be a whole lot of extra time for travel but we can always make time to race to the top of a hill…


or hike through a creek with the perfect walking stick.

HereAndNowCreekDo you make play a priority? How do you balance work and play? Do you add adventures to your to-do list right underneath (or over!) a trip to Target for toilet paper? Tell me your secrets about how you keep life balanced!


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