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So where do we put all of the interior that we have demoed?

When we first started demo back in January we bought a Bagster and filled said Bagster.

Ever since the Bagster was hauled away, Tim takes the trash that we need to get rid of, breaks it down and puts a little bit out every week for normal trash pick up. As for the stuff we are keeping, including the skins, fridge, stove, toilet and other miscellaneous things, it is all in our garage.

It is a lot of stuff and the skins are huge and our garage is small so we had to do some rearranging in the garage to get everything to fit. The garage had become an Alice dumping ground so it was a much-needed cleaning. We are now as organized as we can be while storing 28 ft sheets of aluminium in our 20 foot deep garage.




And if you were wondering, our neighbors have yet to complain! They are curious, for sure, but no complaints yet! In fact one neighbor came over while we were working, peeked into Alice and said, “This is quite the project! I camped with my family when I was growing up and my only regret I have when looking back on raising my kids is that we didn’t camp or go on vacations. All our travelling was for the kids’ activities and sports.” Hearing that from the neighbors (who, to us, have always seemed to have it all together and who could be poster family for the pros of living in suburbia) really hit home.

Sure our Garage is a mess (total chaos would be a better description), but we are working toward a goal. Life is going to be crazy trying to get this project completed in time for camping next year but it will be worth it. The kids are still young, now is the time to do this. We don’t want to have regrets.

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After two hours of moving, purging, sweeping and organizing we were back to this. Still not great, but considering we are storing all of the interior of Alice plus all our normal garage stuff and my ever-growing pile of “I need to have a garage sale” stuff, we are doing okay. Speaking of garage sales…. anyone want to do that for me? And is it possible to have a garage sale when your garage is full of Airstream walls, appliances, shower stalls, toilets, cabinet doors and walls we are saving for templates?!



We have finally made a decision about end caps. It was time to make that decision because the garage was bursting at the seams. We have decided to trash the broken front endcap and we will use the rear end cap up front. In the rear we plan on building a new endcap out of aluminium like the older, vintage trailers.



Making that decision made it possible for Tim to pull out the Ryobi power tools and do some sawing. He really likes the reciprocating saw.

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In the end he was able to break down the endcap enough to fit in the garbage bin. Impressive work Tim, truly impressive. I did not want to do that and you made it happen. Hey readers, wanna know how I know he loves me? When I asked if he needed help, he knew I was at a breaking point (I could write a whole post about the extreme burn out I am feeling towards cleaning and demo right now) with dealing with all the mouse poop and since the endcap had stuck on mouse poop all over it he replied “No, I am good.” He said that even though he probably could have used some help. I love him for that. He is a good husband. I really don’t have any hesitation at the thought of spending all our free time in a 220 sq foot home on wheels with that man. I look forward to it.

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