Fuse Box

Lets talk wiring. I don’t get it. I mean, I took tests on currents and circuits in school and knew enough to pass the tests, but when it comes to actual wiring… it scares the shit out of me. Bad wiring starts fires. Airstreams are smaller than a house but an Airstream on fire would still be a giant fire. I just do not trust myself or my test-passable knowledge to wire the Airstream. Tim however, has wired lights in our home, added a new light box to a closet and he has wired up computers. He understands why you need to close a circuit in order for electricity to work (Is that right Tim?) So when it comes to wiring up the Airstream and dealing with the fuse box, I take three giant steps back and let Tim do it all.

Even with Tim’s logic driven brain, a brain that has no trouble processing how a fuse box works, Tim was a little nervous about Alice’s fuse box. We still have not decided whether or not we (read: TIM) want to rewire the whole Airstream or if we can use the existing wiring. Because of that, the thought of disconnecting the fuse box from all the wires so we could remove the skin was a daunting task.

But the skin needs to go so we can clear out the insulation so the fuse box needed to go too.


Tim took off the fuse box cover and revealed this…


The skin is not connected to the fuse box! The fuse box can stay!


Tim removed rivets.


And removed the skin.


And the fusebox stayed! We still have the option to leave the wiring. We still have time to figure out what we want/can do.


Most of the time Airstream demo surprises us with nasty insulation, twice now it has surprised us with mouse remains, sometimes we discover uncapped and exposed wires that we have no idea what they do, but on this day we were surprised with a good surprise. We can continue with demo without tackling a large issue that we are not ready for.

My favorite demo surprise will always be the day I found this photo. The fuse box reveal has proved to be Tim’s favorite demo surprise yet.

Would you rewire the whole Airstream? Is it worth the time and effort? Alice is an 84 so the wire is up to current codes. It doesn’t look like the mice chewed through any wires (that we have found yet) so do we really need to replace them? However there are a few mystery wires that we haven’t figure out what they go to. Maybe starting from scratch and simplifying all the wires would be a good thing. I should have paid closer attention in science class.

Airstream Rear Fuse Box

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