Front Sideboard and Carpet Demo Plus Fridge Problems

We started off work with the plan of finishing the demo on the driver’s side (for lack of better terms) of Alice. We really thought we would be able to get it done pretty quickly. Famous. Last. Words.

Tim quickly pulled out the rest of the nasty blue carpet (except for the carpet in the bathroom (My feelings on carpet in bathroom can be read here).

airstream - 17

And while I worked on pulling out the nasty carpet pad and carpet tack strips, Tim worked on demoing the side board.

airstream - 14

airstream - 13

The counter top of the sideboard came out fairly easy (said the lady not removing the sideboard).

airstream - 12

airstream - 11

airstream - 10

The rest of it took a little manipulating. The metal bends surprisingly easily.

airstream - 9

airstream - 8

airstream - 7

airstream - 5

After the sideboard all that was left was one wall and the fridge.

airstream - 2

And this where things got complicated.

The fridge is still in. The wall is still in.

airstream - 3

And after trying to disconnect the propane at the back of the fridge we found a patch job that made things more complicated than it needed to be. The weather-stripping must have worn out and the fix that the previous owner Al did is that dark gray caulk (?). The fridge should slide out easily but that “fix” has now in essence glued together the part of the fridge that should slide out.

airstream - 1

Also, the bolt that needs to be removed in order to detach the propane has not been removed for a very long time. It is nearly impossible to loosen, let alone remove. Because of this we called it a day. I reached out to Instagram to ask for advice and Tim started researching the best way to unhook the fridge online and in the manuals.

Shout out to all the people who sounded off and gave advice on Instagram. A huge thank you to you all! @christphilton & @advodna_dave & @telegramsam

Question! How do you get the fridge out?! #airstream #airstreamdemo #AirstreamAlice

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Tim and I will spend the next few days researching, most likely there will be a run to get some WD-40 and when we have a chance to tackle the fridge again, I hope we can report back with positive news!

For now I am celebrating the almost demoed driver’s side of Alice and the mostly (stupid bathroom!) demoed carpet.

airstream - 6


sideboard demo

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