Fridge Out!

One thing I learned from the process of removing the fridge is that it is important to keep your pipes, wires and nuts clean. All the dust and gunk built up behind the fridge made what should have been a straight forward job, more complicated than necessary. I don’t know the best way to clean out that kind of space but an occasional vacuum or shot of compressed air would have made a big difference.

NOTE: All power and propane were turned off at the source.

airstream - 1

First Tim WD-40’d the nut that connected the propane. He let that sit for a while and then the nut was able to be loosened.

15 - 41

15 - 36

After the propane line was unhooked Tim scored the to-be-determined gunk that must have been used as a fix for missing weather-stripping.

15 - 30

The positive and negative DC connections were unscrewed and removed.

15 - 18Next, the screw bracing the fridge to the ground on both sides of the back of fridge were removed. When those two screws were out, the fridge was able to slide out forward.

15 - 23

When the fridge slid forward a few inches we were able to unplug the fridge’s power line and the fridge was finally free.

15 - 14

The remaining wall took more scoring of caulk/gunk to find the screws attaching it to the wall but once those were out the wall came down easily.

We were left with one half of the Airstream demoed!

15 - 1

It feels so big and open!

15 - 2

We just have the bathroom and the rest of the kitchen to demo and we will be at the point of the much-anticipated cleaning and interior skin demo. I am not anxious to see what is lurking between the outer and inner skin but I am looking forward to moving on to the next phase.

fridge demo

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