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Our Airstream is a 31 foot Excella. It has a couch at the front that folds into a bed, a side bath and twin beds in the back. Alice is the exact layout we were looking for, and we couldn’t be more excited, but she is far from ready for her maiden voyage with our family. I couldn’t find a diagram of the exact layout so I modified the closest one I could find in Gimp to show you our layout. Tim will help me do a more exact layout when we have Alice parked and we can take real measurements. For now, this will give you a general idea of what we are working with.


We have three kids so the first thing we researched when looking for Airstreams was bunk beds. Most bunk bed Airstreams have rear bathrooms and the bunks are in the middle of the trailer and are either one set of bunk beds  with a wardrobe on the opposite side or two sets of bunk beds. We need three beds. Two beds are not enough and 4 beds would be a waste of storage and living space. We knew that with our lifestyle we would want the kids in the way back and have the bathroom in the middle of the Airstream because

A: when the kids are sleeping we want them as far away from Tim and I as possible, because they go to bed early and we don’t want to keep them awake in the evenings. We envision a pocket door that will completely separate the kids area from the main area. Something like this but without the frosted glass.


B: Tim and I want to go to the bathroom at night without having to walk through the sleeping kids area. It is as simple as that. One of our few parenting methods that has stayed consistent from when our first baby was a newborn until now is that if a baby is asleep — back away slowly and thank your lucky stars. Do not wake a sleeping baby. Same goes for kids. They need sleep in order to be their best and we need a break from them so we can be our best.

C: We feel like the majority of the time we will be showering at a camp ground so dedicating extra room to the bathrooom instead of giving that room to the kids for personal space and storage was a mistake and when you only have 240 square feet you don’t waste an inch of space. So while a bathroom like this looks great we opted for a smaller side bathroom.


Alice has two twin beds in the back that we plan on demoing and in their place we will have bunks on one side and a raised single bed on the other side. This will give us loads of storage under the raised single bed (we are thinking dresser drawers) and it will also put every kid’s bed at a different level offering them the most amount of privacy that they can have in a 56 square foot room shared by 3 kids.

The other necessity that our Alice was lacking was an eating area. I am sure most our meals will be on picnic tables but rain happens and we will need not only an eating area in the Airstream but also we need table space for games, coloring, laptops and such. When I was growing up, my family camped almost every weekend in the summer months. We spent a lot of time on the lake skiing and tubing, but we had just as much fun on days when we were rained in and spent the day in our camper playing cards and snacking on bugles chips off our fingers. Since there is no table in Alice the other area that will be getting a large overhaul is the sleeper sofa. We are going to completely demo the sofa idea and put in a banquette that will also serve as Tim and my bed.

Here is the sofa sleeper we have now.


Here is our end game goal. Table for all and sleeping area for Tim and me. This will also be our family movie night lounge!


All of this demo and reno is still in the planning stages because we still do not have a driveway and parking pad to park Alice on. Our yard is torn up and now we are waiting for asphalt. It is frustrating to wait but with school starting in a week and a half, it is probably best that we don’t have the distraction of Alice calling our names.

We have big plans for Alice and even bigger dreams of the adventures we will go on when she is road ready!

5 thoughts on “Floor Plan Plans

  1. Laila

    We have pull out sofa bed at front of ours but I wish we had a diner set up instead-much better idea. Make sure you put lots of pics on Instagram!

  2. Jess Curren

    I love seeing your ideas! An ACTUAL door to the kid’s room sounds amazing, and I LOVE the table/booth idea for the other end. Sigh. Sometimes I wish we had had more time before getting into our set-up, and other times I grateful we were just thrown in head first and forced to swim. 🙂

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      The one good thing about still not having a place to park and work on Alice is that we have time to take a breathe and plan. After the whirlwind of buying the Airstream, selling Tim’s car and buying a truck in 3 days a little breathing time is good for us 🙂 We are exciting to park her, take measurements and build a 3D model on the computer so we can really see what our plan looks like 🙂

  3. Karen

    Yes – this is SO similar to ours, and your end goal is almost exactly what we have sketched out! Because of our window placement, we are leaning toward 2 bunks on the very back curve (also to maximize the use of that odd space) and then either a bunk offset on one wall or a smaller (custom) bed for our 2 year old that could also pull out to meet up with the bottom bunk to make it more of a queen size if we have other adult family travel with us and we all 5 need to bunk up in that back room on RARE occasion 🙂 We also have plans for a closing pocket door to shut off their back room, a smaller side bath and a front dinette that will double as our larger bed/family hangout space. Can’t wait to follow along with your progress. It’s great to find someone who is doing such similar things and in the same spot we are. Makes us feel less crazy on the rough days! 😉


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