Family Time

I don’t have an Airstream update for you this week because as I posted earlier, this past weekend was all about some much-needed family time.

Saturday we played at our favorite park.



Saturday was perfect park weather day and Sunday was perfect Museum weather day. This shot is from the 5th floor of the Science Museum of MN.


We have been anticipating the SPACE Out-of-Gravity Experience and the Science Museum of MN since we saw the signage go up a few months ago. We had yet to go through the Space exhibit so we set aside a few hours to do just that.

Explored the Science Museum of MN and watched Hubble IMAX movie for Tim’s birthday. #sciencemuseummn

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IMG_9784The giant astronaut is so cool.
IMG_9789 IMG_9796   The exhibit has so many great hands on things for the kids to manipulate and learn from. IMG_9844 The astronaut glove was a huge hit with the kids…IMG_9860and Tim!IMG_9873 IMG_9876   Michael was proud to be astronaut, even if it was just for a quick photo op. IMG_9915   Elise on the other hand, well the girl just loves a costume and photo props. IMG_9921 They couldn’t be more opposite. It makes parenting a challenge but it makes life so fun. These two keep us on our toes. IMG_9922Elise enjoyed the space station doll house and the colonizing Mars magnet board. I love how no matter where you are at the Science Museum of MN there is something for all ages.IMG_9953

We spent a little over 2 hours walking through the exhibit. It is well worth the visit. The kids all learned something, they played, they discovered and they can’t stop talking about it. Can’t get much better than that for a rainy day activity!

On our way out of the museum we stopped in the Mississippi River Gallery. Patrick took a few minutes to clean some water.


He now wants to buy coal, collect water from the St. Croix River near our house and be our official water cleaner. I told him that this is a skill that will come in handy when we go camping. He can’t wait!


Just as we were leaving for the day we were able to catch the a few moments of the 4:30 news.


My parental guilt after being sick, exhausted and cranky and saying way to often, “Sorry guys Mommy is sick I can’t play right now” far too many times in the past 2 weeks is a much lighter load to carry. It is good to set aside the to-do list every once in a while and just have some good quality family time.

2 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Kyle

    Wow! That museum looks like a super fun place to visit! How much was admission? We’d like to add it to our list of “to do/sees”. I totally agree with you, sometimes you just gotta put aside the checklist and be a family. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      @Kyle I am not sure what the daily passes cost, I am sure it is up on their website. The kids and I gave Tim a membership for Christmas. He always says it was the best present ever. 🙂


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