Exterior Cleaning: Rock Shields and Propane Tank Case

It is finally time to address some exterior issues on Alice. Like I said at the end of the last post, it is time to do some scrubbing so we can water seal from the interior and exterior, do an initial water proof test before taking on the original sub floors.  We’re leaving the original floors in for now, because we need steady ground to walk on while we fix all of the anticipated leaking seams. There was a lot of water damage in Alice so that means we have a lot of seams to reseal.

Many of those seams are on the windows and in order to even see the seams on the windows we have to scrub away all the mold, mildew and gunk.

We lifted the rock guards for the first time ever and it was not pretty.


Yuck! Tim sprayed everything with the same bottle of Concrobium Mold control that we used on the inside of Alice when we first started demo.

Starred Photos113


It was nasty but nothing that a good scrubbing couldn’t take care of.


The mold control is great because it captures all the harmful spores and keeps them from spreading. It isn’t like a harmful bleach either. The mold didn’t wash away or anything magical like that, the spray is strictly a safety precaution. Inside the Airstream is too small of a space to have any sort of dangerous chemical or on the flip side of that, mold spores. Same goes for the rock guards, those close and trap in all the dangerous nasty stuff that we don’t want around us and especially the kids.


While the mold control solution did its job, Tim continued working on removing the endcaps while I vacuumed up more pink insulation in preparation for scrubbing the walls.

Then you have to let it sit.




After it had sat for the recommended amount of time I took my scrub brush/drill hack outside and got to work. It isn’t the fastest hack but I keep thinking of it like a power tooth-brush. It doesn’t scrub harder but it does scrub faster so it is a safer cleaning for a surface than the ol’ “elbow grease” method of scrubbing.


After the propane tank case, I took on the window.

The difference was well worth the effort!




Yeah! A little less grime and gross. We are getting there.



Alice is looking good.






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