Door Dilema

We worked less than 2 hours on Alice this weekend. It was a busy weekend on the family front with birthday parties to drop kids off at, swim lessons, errands and all the other stuff that keeps us from being productive on Alice. Really though, the main reason we didn’t get much done was the cold. Saturday was in the high 20s and Sunday warmed up to the low 30s.

We had hour 2 hour window of time set aside for Alice time. It took us much longer than we expected to scraped the old gasket adhesive off the door.

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We used a variety of paint scrapping tools, steel wool brushes and lots and lots of Goo Gone.

We didn’t get it all off but after an hour of scraping Tim declared, “At some point you just have to call it and say ‘Good Enough’

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By that point it was 3:50 and the sun was starting to drop quickly. We had the new gasket from Vintage Trailer Supply ready to go with extra adhesive recommended from reviews on VTS and from some friends on Instagram. My toes were starting to get really, really cold and Tim’s hands were getting stiff from the cold and all the scraping. We decided to call it a day and come back next weekend and attack the gasket install when we were feeling a little more refreshed and a little less frozen.

Before heading inside to warm up, we took a closer look at the door. It is not in as quite of good of shape as we originally thought.

Tim had to remove the lock strike when we tried a dry fit of the gasket. Starred Photos143

After he removed the strike we could see that there was no insulation in the door. That lead us to believe that all the water leaking down the outside the door was actually going inside the door too. And because of all that water, the insulation had been pushed down to the bottom of the door. This theory would also explain the mold on the bottom corners of the door. All of this leads to an all too familiar conclusion… we are going to have to take the door apart.


On the upside to the inner door skin needing to come off, we will have access to both the olympic rivets that need sealing and the horrible roller shade that needs to go.

Yes my friends, now that I am inside, drinking a beer and wearing a pair of my warmest wool socks, I am able to find the positive in us needing to do even more demo which takes us that much farther away from turning the proverbial corner towards construction and finally putting Alice back together again!

Prepping Door Gasket

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