Door Deluge

We have a leaky door issue. Before we can install the new marine grade plywood flooring we bought 16 weeks ago, we have to fix our door leak issue, because it is more than just a minor problem!

Screenshot from 2015-11-14 17:48:29

During our first round of Vulkem-ing we sealed all the Olympic rivets around the door. That helped the water problem, but not by much. Water still poured in every time we water tested. But at least now it is only coming in from inside the frame of the door and not from all the rivets too!

Our next step is to take off the one remaining panel of inner skin that we were hoping to keep in place so we didn’t have to mess with the locks. The locks actually work very well so we were hoping to avoid demoing them. You can read the post about that, here.

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After we take that last piece of skin off we plan to clear away as much of the old caulk from around the door that we can and then we will reseal all the seams with Vulkem. Just like we have with all the windows. You can watch the water test video from that phase of sealing here.

You can see in this photo that the Olympic rivets have been indivdualy sealed but now we need to do a door seam seal too.


Even with all the new caulk the main culprit, as far as we can figure at this point, is that the door gasket on Alice now no longer flexes and it has lost its sealing power.


The only way to fix the gasket leaking problem is to demo it and install a new gasket. So today we demoed the old gasket.



IMG_20151115_152513 The next step was to measure for a replacement.


Then we logged onto Vintage Trailer Supply and ordered a new gasket.

Screenshot from 2015-11-14 17:25:56

Along with door gasket we ordered new window gaskets because even though the window seals/gaskets are working ok now, they don’t look like they have much life left in them.This will be our first purchase from Vintage Trailer Supply.

I mention that this is our first purchase from VTS because it seems, from reading other renovation blogs and the AirForums, that buying something from VTS is a bit of a rite of passage in the Airstream Renovation process. It has taken over a year of ownership and 11 months of renovation but we are finally popping our Vintage Trailer Supply cherry!

Once the new gasket comes in the mail, we will record another video with yet another water test and hopefully we can share the good new that Alice is finally water tight!


3 thoughts on “Door Deluge

  1. vicky

    so glad I came across your website. My husband have a 1973 Airstream which we are just about to start renovating (we’ve had it for several years as a stationary guest room aka mouse hotel in our field for the last 5 years).

    thank you for posting and photographing all the details!


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