Demo Phase One

This isn’t the end of demo technically but it is a big milestone.

16 weeks ago we started demo. It was 19 degree and we ran an extension cord from the garage into the Airstream to power a small space heater. We were dressed in many layers of clothes and we had no idea what we were doing. We decided to start with the couch because it seemed to be the most “stand alone” thing in Alice.




Tim demoed, I photographed and lent a hand when extra hands were needed. We have been demoing our way through the Alice like that for 16 weeks. We have only worked on weekends and we have not worked every weekend. It has been slow but it has been good.

I started a Demo Gallery as a quick reference to all the demo blog posts. You can also find a Demo Gallery button on the sidebar and you can also navigate to the Demo Gallery via the project gallery drop down menu.

We have learned so much and with every step of demo our confidence has increased.


Before we started we didn’t understand how the Airstream was put together. We have only worked on homeimprovents before Alice. We didn’t understand rivets at all. We understood that in our home every 16 inches there was a stud and if we wanted to attach anything load barring to our walls, we needed to find a stud. There are no 2×4 studs in an airstream…

15 - 81

There was a learning curve but because we have taken our time I feel like we are more prepared than we ever thought possible. Tim thought we would have to hire out some of the work and I really dind’t want to do that. Not only would that eat into our budget, I really wanted to be able to say that we did this!

I know we are not done yet and that there is still a ways to go before demo is complete but like I said at the start of this post, this is a milestone. We have an empty trailer.



Yes there are still a/c components, power boxes, lights and more to demo but all the big stuff is out. We can now see our blank canvas.


Our next step is to clean. I know it will all get dirty again but something in my gut tells me that now is the time to take off a layer of grime. It is going to be a mess when we take down the inner skin. A gross, stinky, most likely mice carcass filled mess and I really want to have a clean floor before we add more to the mess. I think if the floor is clean then we will know for sure that whatever is on the floor after taking off the skin was from inbetween the walls. Why I need to differenciate that is beyond me but I feel like it is something we need to do.



I also want to give the walls a scrub first. For a couple reasons. 1: I don’t want them sitting in our gargage all dirty for however long it takes us to get to the point of putting them back on. 2. they will be easier to clean while still installed 3: they will be easier to wipe down and prepare for painting if we clean them now. And finally 4: Once we get the new subfloor in I really don’t want to drag dirty walls back into the trailer and then scrub them overtop our new floors!


So that is where we are at. The bulk of the interior is demoed! We are celebrating tonight with a beer, maybe two. Our next step is clean and after that we take out the remaining components. Once those last components are out the inner skin comes down.



We started in 19 degree weather, it is now in the high sixties. 16 weeks have past and progress has been made. We are fast approaching our one year anniversary of owning Alice and I hope at that point we will be putting the interior skin back up. It is all so exciting!


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