Daddy Code In and Family Day

This weekend we put Alice on hold and focused on us as a family. As I have said before, Tim and I have done a lot of DIY home improvements over the 7 years of being home owners. We are totally guilty of being single-minded and letting those projects be all-encompassing and take over our lives. We are making a conscious approach to balancing life and our Alice the Airstream project.

Summer is coming, but it is still months away. We know that this Airstream renovation will take time (lots and lots of time) and we are willing to extend our original timeline of having Alice ready for the 2015 camping season if it means we can live a balanced life while demoing and reno-ing. We have worked on home projects that we put 110% into at the beginning and by the end we were either jaded and resentful toward the project and subsequently had a hard time enjoying the finished project, or we became burned out and never put the finishing touches on said project.

Neither are good outcomes. Neither are what we want for Alice.

The last thing we need is a 31 foot giant unfinished project parked next to our garage or on the flip side we don’t want to set off on our first adventure in Alice feeling exhausted and resentful.

This weekend we took off from Alice. Saturday Tim cashed in his birthday gift from me and enjoyed his first ever Daddy Code In.


As you can see from the coupon, Tim is the coder in the family, not me.  I know a little coding and I would love to learn more, but for now I am content thinking that I am pretty sure I earned some major geek’s wife street cred for even trying to “code” in a birthday coupon.

Hey, I translated, “Daddy Code In” into binary (with the help of a binary generator I found online) so that alone has to be worth some bonus points. What I lack in coding ability I make up for in style… right?!

As I posted on Instagram, Tim doesn’t want stuff, he wants time. He has a demanding, time-consuming job and whatever time that doesn’t take up, being a husband and dad fill up the rest of hours in a day. I have hobbies, I understand the pull to get lost in a project that is all your own. I get it.  He deserves it, so I carved out some ‘Tim’ time for him in our schedule. It isn’t much but he is a Dad, Husband, and works full-time. He has to take what he can get!

While Tim happily coded, the kids and I got to work on their Valentine’s Day projects. Their boxes are now done and while I don’t have any “big camera” photos of the process (must protect camera from Mod Podge at all costs) I can assure you that even though in this digital age we live in, where nothing really happens unless there is a photo or a selfie pic to prove it, we did have a good time coloring, cutting and pasting Harry Potter pictures onto boxes and then getting really messy painting Mod Podge over it all. We had fun and all I have is a couple badly lit out-of-focus phone pics, I guess this time we will just have to tap into our memories to fill in the missing pixels from this photo.


On Sunday we skipped church and instead took that time to relax, take a slow easy morning, make a good breakfast, eat as a family and then Tim and I enjoyed our coffee while the kids built forts in their room. I won’t ever get too into religion or spiritual beliefs on this blog but I will say this. I whole-heartily believe that God would never hold a lazy family Sunday morning against us, even if it meant skipping church. I believe, especially when you have three kids to feed, dress and get out the door in time for Sunday School, that taking time to eat some waffles, sip some coffee and look around the table and appreciate all that you have is just as spiritually rewarding as going to church.

After our lazy morning we hit the park because, let’s be honest, there is only so much lazy time an 8, 7 and 4-year-old can handle before they spin into a chaotic tornado of pent-up energy.







We took a weekend off and by Sunday night both Tim and I were rested, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the Airstream again. Last night our pillow talked consisted of Alice, rivets and demo plans. We are excited to get working again on the Airstream and I can think of nothing better to do this upcoming Valentine’s day weekend than putting on some work/paint clothes and demoing more of Alice.

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