Concrete Sticker Shock

We got our first estimate yesterday and I was blown away at the price tag. Our first quote to put in a concrete parking pad it will cost us at minimum $4,700. If we want to replace our asphalt driveway with concrete the whole project would cost us $15k. This is quickly becoming the most expensive part of our Airstream dream to date. If we don’t scale back on concrete, the pad and driveway that our Airstream will be parked on will be more expensive than our Airstream itself by almost double!

rumblestripramblings on Instagram
17 hours ago
Getting an estimate on a parking pad so we can begin working on our Airstream! #airstream

We are waiting for a few more concrete quotes and we called in the asphalt guys for quotes too. Dialling back on parking pad costs means more cash for the Airstream and in the end I don’t want our Airstream flooring choices to be compromised because the concrete the Airstream was sitting on blew our budget.

Who would have thought that concrete would cost more than our Airstream?! What do you park your Airstream on? Do you have a parking pad near your house? Do you live on enough land that your Airstream sits inside an out-building on your property? Do you rent a place to store your Airstream, if so, how do you work on your Airstream?


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