Cold weather pick me ups.

It is cold in Minnesota today.
16 - 1
Really cold.

At least the sun is out so my mood has dramatically lifted from this moment a few days ago. In addition to the sun powering up my internal solar panels, we went shopping yesterday.

Yesterday the kids went to a birthday party and right after that, they went to my Sister’s place for a slumber party so Tim and I could go to a work Holiday Party.

While the kids were at the birthday party, Tim and I went to Target to get lime juice and Starbucks and to kill time while the kids sang happy birthday to their neighbor friend. Killing time at Target usually means exploring the isles that we normally don’t visit. I love Target. I am a marketing/merchandising person’s dream shopper. I walk down those carefully curated isles of stuff and I think, man I need ALL of it. I am working on this. I know that stuff won’t make me happy, and in reality I want to purge my house of all the excess, but then I walk into Target, my mind spirals into consumerism mode and I forget everything we are working towards. I suddenly remember that there are blank walls in my house that need art. That my throw pillows are no longer fluffy. That maybe that nautical themed rope lamp would make my MN family room feel like it has been transported to some warm beach in Florida… and Florida is so warm and MN is so cold and if I just felt warm again, I will be happy again. Of course the nautical rope lamp won’t do all that but when in Target, I have a hard time remembering that a lamp is just a lamp and since I already have a lamp, I have all that I need.

All of that is to preface this; while we were wandering the back end-caps, sipping our coffees, killing time when we walked past this display.

16 - 1

What is that? I stopped the cart so suddenly that I think my latte that was sitting snuggly in the snap on cart cup holder splashed onto our bottle of lime juice. Tim looked around preparing his defense statement against any purchase I might start making a case for.

But I didn’t even make it past my opening statement before Tim was on board.

Four packages of curtain panels on clearance for $10.16 a pack. Those 4 packs of clearance curtain panels are enough fabric to make all the curtains for the dinette/masterbedroom/kitchen area in Alice. The colors and pattern are something that BOTH Tim and I can agree on. Alice has curtains! Or at least fabric for curtains. I will still have to sew on liners on but at $10.16 for 2.33 yards for fabric it is worth the extra work!

16 - 2

With $40 of curtain fabric and lime juice in our cart we checked out and headed to pick up the kids.

That was just one of our two Alice related shopping trips that happened yesterday. Since I somehow turned a clearance curtain panel purchase into an entire blog post, I will save the Alice flooring shopping update for its own post.

Does anyone else struggle with winter blues or Target impulse shopping? I can’t be the only one! I think in this case, even though buying the curtains made me happy, it wasn’t a stuff thing. It was a “One step closer to out goal” purchase. Alice has curtains… or at least Alice has discounted fabric that will someday be curtains that we we will be able to pull closed so we can sleep in our master bedroom/dinette/kitchen in Alice after a long day of adventuring.

4 thoughts on “Cold weather pick me ups.

  1. Kate

    Absolutely! We’re in northern Indiana, and the sun can disappear for days. It’s terrible! We got a gift card to Pier One, so definitely did some impulse shopping for our Casita camper. It’s in winter storage, and we’re counting down the days until its warm again…..

    1. Meg Post author

      At this point of every winter I think that you do whatever it is that you have to do to get to Spring! If a little camper shopping and day dreaming makes the day seem a little brighter, than that is what you have to do!

  2. Al Meyer

    Is it weird that I am looking at those hooky thingies on the clearance rack wondering if I need those to make me happy? …maybe to somehow anchor the new couch…?

    1. Meg Post author

      I don’t remember what the prices were on the “hooky thingies” but I bet they would be worth the retail therapy! Total bonus if they help anchor the couch. 😉


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