Cleaning and Furnace Removal

IMG_20150509_103157-001Doesn’t she look good with out all the snow around her? I love spring! Every window in the house is open and whenever we are in Alice, all of her windows are open. I can’t get over how good the cross breeze is when all the windows are open. It probably helps the breeze that she is empty(ish) and doesn’t have any room dividing walls!

Wait… what was that? She is empty(ish)?! That is right! You read correctly!

IMG_9695We are at the much anticipated cleaning stage. We have been doing a little cleaning along the way, you can read about how we dealt with the mold and mice droppings here, but we have yet to do any bucket o’ suds scrubbing. There is still a lot of mess to be made with demo when the walls come down, so if you are wondering why we are cleaning now, read here.

All caught up?

So here we are before scrubbing. I took this photo last week with my big camera. This is the wall behind the fridge. It was nasty and smelled bad.

IMG_9708Before scrubbing I swept and then vacuumed each area so I didn’t end up with wet mice poop and soggy carpet pad remnants. Plus I really didn’t want to be kneeling down on all that stuff while scrubbing!

I didn’t have my good camera with on cleaning day because I knew I wouldn’t want to take on and off rubber gloves and handle the camera around buckets of water so all I have are phone pics. Even with the badly lit phone pics you can see how big a difference some Krud Kutter, a bucket o’ suds and some elbow grease made on our grimey girl. Seriously, if you have some heavy scrubbing of old layers of dust, grease, dirt and grime, buy some Krud Kutter. You don’t get sick from fumes because it doesn’t have any harsh solvents and it works so well!

Starred Photos78While I scrubbed, Tim worked on removing the furnace and the water heater.


IMG_20150509_111727The furnace wasn’t too big a deal because it wasn’t attached to the outside face plate. Removing the furnace consisted of disconnecting the propane, unwiring and then recapping the exposed wires for safety and then pulling off vent hoses so the furnace was free.


The water heater was not as straight forward.

To remove the water heater Tim will have to cut a propane line… we think. More on that after we figure out exactly what we are doing. For now though, it looks like the only way to get it out is to cut propane lines.


IMG_20150509_120946Back to cleaning.

Besides the extra nasty behind the fridge wall, I was also able to get the bedroom area scrubbed clean. The results are not as dramatically different via phone pics but in person, let me tell you, not only does it look so much better, it smells so much better!

Starred Photos79There is still a lot of scrubbing to be done but when the windows are open and there is breeze blowing through Alice, scrubbing is a joy. It gets us one step closer to finally finishing demo!

This weekend we are taking a weekend off to have some much needed family time. We have all been sick, crabby and short tempered. We are all feeling better now and I need to take time to make up for some short tempered, exhausted and less than positive parenting moments. I am not good at being sick. I handle it quite poorly actually. I hate being sick and this past year I feel like my kids have brought home every possible bug that has floated around their petri dishes of schools.

I know I had been extra growly and surly battling this last bug because today, the first day I felt even remotely like myself in over a week, my sweet middle child Patrick came up to me 3 separate times during the day and gave me a big hug and whispered, “Mom, I am so glad that you are feeling better.”

The kid slays me. So yeah. It may feel good to make progress on Alice but this weekend will be all about some fun family time. The weekend after that, we will be back at it!

Airstream Furnace Demo

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