Ceiling Skin Demo

We got the antenna down! We won! That means we can finally start taking down more of the interior skin. This is big time! This is what I have been most anticipating and also most nervous about from the very beginning. Will we be able to get the skin down without damaging it? If we damage any skin how do we replace it? What is lurking behind that skin? Will there be mice carcasses? Will there be live mice? What is worse, half decomposed mice bodies or a live mouse?! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?!

So yeah… there were a few thoughts circling through my mind as we started to take down the ceiling skin panel. Like the start to many of the other parts of this Airstream demo we were hit with a “Ok, what do we do now?!” road block right off the bat.

There are many parts to the Airstream that we know we will be able to replace or rebuild without question. Kitchen cabinets, bunk beds and the dinette come to mind. However there are a handful of things that are Airstream specific that we are careful about removing and we treat with the utmost care because we don’t know how we will replace or rebuild it. The interior skin and specifically the edging/moulding around the ceiling interior skin is one of those very specific Airstream things that we don’t really know how we will replace.

But in order to take down the ceiling we had to bend and ruin the trim, so that is what we did.

Tim used a chisel and I used a flat head screwdriver. We started at opposite ends and met in the middle.


IMG_1143It took a bit of time but it was faster than removing rivets so there was nothing really to complain about.

IMG_1152Once the trim was crimped open Tim was able to pull down the ceiling skin.

Ceiling Skin is down!

IMG_1200And then we had to take down all the pink, mice lived in, itchy, stinky, horrible insulation.


Starred Photos99All I have to say about this step of the process is this; we will not put pink insulation back in. Mice did live in the ceiling. No mice bodies (dead or alive) yet – knock on wood. And if you ever have to deal with this stuff, wear a mask, hat, eye protection and, if possible, long sleeves!

This is what we were left with.

Starred Photos100

IMG_1246So much better…

IMG_1277but still just the beginning of the pink insulation. It is times like this where I wish we could ship the kids off to the Grandparents for the weekend and just dive in and get it all done at once. BUT that isn’t a possibility for us, so we will work a few hours at a time over the weekend and continue to work like that until Alice is done. Someday. Someday we will have a camper that we can actually camp in!

Inner Skin Demo1

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