Bolt & Screw Removal in the C-Channel

The percentage of screws and bolts that come out cleanly within the c-channel is about half of what it was with the screw removal in the subfloor.

Just like with the subfloor screw removal, we tried to get as many screws out as possible with the drill. The bolts were so rusted to the nuts that they had formed some sort of super bond that only Iron Man could have separated. What we couldn’t get out with the drill we had to cut out.

The problem we had with cutting out screws and bolts from the top of the c-channel was that we were left with the bottom part of the screw or bolt still holding the subfloor securely in place. When that happened we had to take a hammer and a nail setter and try to pound the bolt or screw through. This obviously worked better for bolts than screws.

16 - 83

Tim’s next method was to cut from underneath. This was much more effective. It was also necessary in areas like the photo below here the access panel blocked access to the c-channel.


Here are more examples of Tim cutting from underneath the c-channel with the multi-tool with carbide tip blade.





Every time we thought we had cleared the last of the screws and bolts out, we found more.


Here you can see the bolt demo with multi-tool in action!

It took around 5 hours over 3 weekends to get the back curve clear.

16 - 73

When it was done Tim used the multi tool to cut under the entire span of the c-channel to make sure all the screws and bolts were clear. This step took a while but it also helped loosen the bond that had happened between the subfloor and the c-channel over all the years of Alice’s life.


With all the bolts and screws free, and the C-Channel finally detached it was time to pull out the sub-floor!

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