Removing Rivets and Bedroom Demo

Alternate title: Nothing but skin in the bedroom!

Removing Rivets and Bedroom Demo  seemed like a safer Google Searchable title than the alternative. Someone would be either very surprised or slightly disappointed when our blog showed up after searching the later of the two titles.


After more cleaning, ridding Alice of the last of the baby blue velvet padding and demoing our first overhead cabinets, we are now down to just the interior skin in the bedroom. This weekend was also our first time dealing with rivets. It was a big day. It was a day of progress and just like our previous day of demo in the bedroom we found a little surprise that Al (previous owner) had left behind. This time the surprise didn’t come in the form of little blue pellets of poison, so that was a relief.

Tim tested out the rivet removal technique that was most recommended on AirForums and also happened to be the cheapest method of rivet removal since we already owned what we needed.

What you need.

  • 9/54 drill bit
  • drill



Yeah that’s it. And it worked. It worked great! What we did was drill slowly (forward action of the drill not reverse) until we felt a slight pop and then you will see the head of the rivet start to spin. That is it.

Drill forward slowly. Wait for pop. Pull head of rivet off drill and you have removed a rivet.

Starred Photos44

Done and Done. Now you just need to do that about a gazillion more times.


Pop goes the rivet! Over and over and over again. #airstream #AirstreamAlice #airstreamdemo #liveriveted #diy

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After Tim got the hang of removing rivets we tackled the overhead cabinets in the bedroom. I am still figuring out the best angles to photograph the interior of the Airstream. Standing in the hallway doesn’t give you much of a wide-angle option.


The cabinets were held up by both rivets and Phillips screws. Once all the rivets and screws were removed the cabinets came down easily.

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One down. One to go.


The bottom of the cabinet was supported by a ‘U’ shaped bracket that ran the length of the bracket. It was a very snug fit and the first cabinet took quit a bit of elbow grease to pull off. What was left on the wall was the ‘U’ bracket.


We were more careful with the second shelf and were able to remove the bracket and cabinet together.

Once the other cabinet was removed we finished demoing the bedroom by removing the remaining bed support rails that were fastened with rivets.


All that is left in the room is the 1x2s on the floor which we will leave until we start pulling out the subfloor, the built in shelves/lights on the wall that are attached from the other side of the wall and of course the interior skin.



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