Bathroom Demo Part Two

Spoiler Alert: We survived. The bathroom demo is complete! There were gross amounts of mice droppings but no mice carcases, Tim was splashed with green slime but it is done.

If you want to see where we left off check the previous post, Bathroom Demo Part One.

We have found that when it comes to our reverse puzzling style of demo that most of the time it means only one of us is working at a time. The majority of that one person working time is Tim doing the manual labor while I take photos of him working. Not a bad gig for me. Sometimes while Tim is working and not doing anything in need of documenting I will day-dream about what I want the interior to look like when Alice is mouse free and a blank slate for me to play with. Other times, less often than should be, I will try to get some side demoing done while Tim works on the big stuff. On this particular demo day that meant taking down the kitchen mirror while Tim tried to figure out how to press down on the flush pedal on the toilet and unscrew a nut that was located in a hard to read location above and behind the flush pedal.

BEFORE I could take down the mirror I had to take advantage of the situation and snap our one and only photo of the two of us in the Airstream. For the record, due to lack of counter space and safe places to rest, I have switched over to our Olympus Tough blue camera. Photos will be much worse quality but my big camera is safe and let me tell you the honest truth, you do not want to see a high quality photo of what was lurking under our shower pan!


After I took down the mirror I got back to documenting the real work feeling quite fulfilled in my duties as Airstream Demo Assistant/Chronicler.

IMG_20150328_163513(The above photo is from previous post when metal trim was still one. I don’t have another photo showing the hardware of the interior of the shower.)

First we detached the hardware from the plumbing.


While this was going on it started to rain. It wasn’t just a mist or a light sprinkle but it was far from a down pour. It was the first time we had been in the Airstream while it was raining. It was wonderful. I can not wait to drink coffee and play board games around our dinnette during a rain storm while we camp. The sound of the rain on the aluminum roof is soothing and mesmerizing.

Seeing the water seep onto the raw plywood sub floors, not so soothing. We are still a few major steps away from putting in new subfloors but seeing this reinforced our decision again… we need to take off all the interior skin, patch leaks, install new floors and seal the shit out of Alice so the leaking doesn’t happen any more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack to the bathroom. Once the hardware and plumbing were detached, the walls needed to come down.

Tip to future Airstream Demo-ers. If you think all the rivets are out and you don’t see how anything could be connected in any way, it is probably time to score the caulk again. Always have a blade/box cutter handy. You will use it often.

Starred Photos67Next to come out was the actual shower pan. We don’t know our full plan for the bathroom yet so I did my best not to remind Tim more than a dozen times,” Please be careful… we may use this shower pan again! Don’t let it crack!” I am supportive like that. I am really good at coaching while Tim does all the work and I silently (or not so silently) take photos and think about how I would do it better. Tim loves me anyway. He has to love me. When we are in 31 foot Alice there will be nowhere to escape me!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATim did a great job keep the shower pan in one piece.


If you were wondering… in just 10 minutes of steady rain the water leaked almost halfway across the width of Alice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe shower pan would have come out easily but the pipes were screwed on TIGHT! It took some strong arming (luckily Tim has two of those) and some unconventional “Maybe we can just twist the whole thing off” attempts but the shower pan finally came loose from the plumbing.

Starred Photos65It was at this point that Tim got slimed with green slimy goop.

Starred Photos66


See what I mean? You do not want high-res pics of this.


Then came down the last of the palm-tree’d walls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then the toilet and the remaining blue carpet was demoed.


We were left with this! It is so exciting. If you scroll back up to the first selfie pic you can see what is left to demo. That little bit of counter space, the oven/stove and the kitchen sink!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are so close to being done with this first phase of the demo! I can’t wait to see the trailer emptied out.



4 thoughts on “Bathroom Demo Part Two

  1. James Wells

    I love your pictures and description of how things are going. I have a 21 year old Class A Winnebago and little by little making some upgrades. I am seeing a little of what you are showing and your post have taken the fear out of me to continue on..

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      @James that is great! Good luck with your reno. I think going slow and taking note of how things come apart will help us put it all back together… Hopefully! Thanks for the comments!

  2. Kyle

    Okay, you promised grossness and you delivered! lol thanks for using your trusty blue camera! You cracked me up btw, your hubs is quite handy! You are doing a great at documenting all of this. You may not be the muscle, but your job is important too! 😉 I can’t wait to hear the rain inside our someday airstream. The picture you painted of you all sitting at the dinette really made my heart thump. So sweet! Really enjoying watching your journey! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      Thanks for the comment! It is much grosser than it looks in the photos. I will be doing much more “muscle” work when it comes to rebuilding. For now, Tim is doing the bulk of the work and I am grateful that he is. It is nasty work!


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