Bathroom Demo Part One

What I have been most scared of when it came to demoing Alice is the bathroom. I really don’t want to screw this part up.

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Now that we have started and are about half way done, I can say this… bathroom demo is just like the rest of the Airstream demo. One rivet or screw at a time. We just keep going and do our best to do the puzzle in the reverse order that is was put in.

Here is Alice’s bathroom before we started gutting it.

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The wallpaper… it gets me every time. So fantastic.

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So far this  reverse puzzling technique is going well.

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Tim took off a wall and exposed the first plumbing pipe we have seen so far.

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We debated for quite a while whether or not to keep the medicine cabinet. In the end we decided that even though it is a custom fit and lightweight plastic, we would prefer to have that extra head room while sitting on the toilet and elbow room when standing at the sink. Our theory was that if we change our mind and decide that we need a cabinet down the road we can add one.

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Once that wall was out, the bathroom looked to be a more livable size… It is too bad that eventually we will have to wall it all back in again.

15 - 89

Here is Tim taking down the second overhead cabinet. We both agreed that this one can go and we can do a better job building a new and more efficient one.

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Then it came time for the vanity. This was a simple component with hard to reach screws. Tim disconnected the sink and the rest was a mix of rivets and screws.

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Taking apart Alice slowly has not only taught us a lot about how she was put together but it has also helped put things into perspective. We can put her back together again. It will take time, planning, patience and creative problem solving but we can do this.

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More plumbing.

Tim is not scared of the plumbing like I am. Maybe because I am the one who scrubs bathrooms at home so I know how quickly a normal bathroom can become a mess.  The thought of us screwing up the plumbing and our tiny bathroom back-flooding our tiny house stresses me out. BUT I just keep reminding myself… It will take time, planning, patience and creative problem solving but we will do this.

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This is for posterity sake. We saw this note on the cardboard box next to these wires and knew it was something that we should also take note of too.

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We have not got to the plumbing yet. So far we have demoed around the plumbing. But the walls are coming down. We are getting there.


Slowly and carefully we are getting closer to being done with demo.


This weekend we plan on finishing the bathroom demo and with little bit of Irish luck (Tim) and Norwegian stubbornness (Me) I think we might even be able to start in on the remainder of the kitchen!



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